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Re: Theos-World Re: Henry Olcott's Testimony about His Meetings with the Master Morya

Jan 08, 2006 07:49 AM
by adelasie

Hi Bill,

Happy New Year! Nice to see you onlist.

Either one has met a master and knows (and needs
> no written accounts of the eye witness testimony of others) or one has
> not met a master and therefore (despite reading a hundred eye witness
> testimonies of others) one does not know but must rely instead on
> faith and belief.

You put it very concisely and I for one appreciate it. This endless 
debate about the existence of Masters is revealing of the inner life 
of this or that debator, but otherwise has no substance at all. All 
that remains to be said on this subject, imho, is that one is neither 
better nor more deserving of anything, for having fallen into the 
first category instead of the latter. It is all a matter of 
consciousness, a tremendously transient and nebulous attribute at 
this stage of the development of humanity. It behooves those who have 
had some meaningful inner experience to be grateful even to know they 
have had it, and to aspire to be worthy of such a blessing, and let 
it go at that. We can possibly be forgiven for being so fixated on 
the material manifestation for proof of "reality," living as we do 
deep in Kali Yuga, but we are not limited to a material 
consciousness, if we aspire to more.

All the best,


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