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Jan 05, 2006 05:00 PM
by Dirk Laureyssens

Hello All,

I think and know reincarnation has to do with conservation of energy, not just the traditional (measurable) energy but also the deeper hidden energies of mental and spiritual processes, and to do with the storage of information. The problem of duality (the coupling of mind/ spirit and body) can be understood from a topological point of view. Einstein saw a gravitational background field (called by him "Das Feld"). Such a field can also be called a field of stress (elasticity). Remember that Buddha said that everything is stress.

If we look for a unifying principle it should be a UNITY on the top (or the deepest level). It can not contain on that level duality, it can not have separation.If such unity (we can call it also interconnectedness) is the start everything that we see and feel .... it can not be broken, neither cut, neither divided, neither glued, neither teared in pieces. The tathagata womb is indivisible.
Thus we can not say that it are billions of little strings like string theory say ... no ... it must be something that is and stays ONE, but something that has tremendous potency of energy but has also on local stops local areas of difference. These local areas (holons) will have duality (yin and yang), and they will have stress which is extremely stored (knotted/captured) and after a certain time released again. In electric terms we could call that a capacitor. It stores energy and releases it after some time.

If we look to such feedback system ( a cyclic energy system) there must be an very simple basic mechanism behind it since it is created by itself, and only by itself since there is nothing else. So a genderless system must be able to create - on certain spots - by itself ... local zones of duality, and the rest - still genderless - stays in a non-dual dynamic state of potency . How can that happen?

It is quite simple. The background can be seen as a spheric membrane that is non-breakable but very dynamic. The sphere surface is oscillating all the time. But suddenly two peaks can couple by a penetration. One peak (A) can penetrate another peak (B). Since the membrane can not break the penetrating peak can only push against the passive membrane peak on a local area. It will push away a part of the passive peak. If the penetration is sufficient strong there will be created a new area where one peak covers the other peak. More specific: The penetrating peak (Yang) is covered by the passive peak (Yin). So on that spot a new dual zone is created, which contains duality (Yang covered by Yin). The rest of the membrane sphere is still genderless and oscillate constantly, but in the new local area with duality (called a holon) where the dynamics are damped (connected/joined). In that holon we have now STRUCTURE, where the rest of the sphere is without structure. If you want to see this very simple mechanism please check : .

Now based on this topological concept we can understand reincarnation or rebirth in a extremely logic approach. Two different sides of the membrane sphere can join, namely the inside holons which are more yang (spiritual/energy like) can couple with outside holons which are more yin (materialized). So mind/spirit couples with matter (sperm/ ovum) like you can "see" on .

So during the incarnation the spirit enters and couples with the fertilized ovum, and on the moment of death the spirit withdraws. (the white tunnel!)

On you can see + count the layers which ALL COME FROM THE SAME MEMBRANE (which can infold in many different type of holons).

Remarkable is that the four basic holon type ... have each 22 combinations in the next 4 levels of combinations. 22 ways ... 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. 22 paths in the TREE.

Have fun!


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