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Theosophy Magazine: Reprints

Jan 03, 2006 09:27 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Bhikshuni Ariya,

You wrote:

H.P.Blavatsky never published this magazine.
She passed away in May 8th, 1891.
The cover of this Magazine is fraud.

Theosophy Magazine, November 1912 to October 1913 (Paperback)
by H. P. Blavatsky, W. Q. Judge

Isn't the word "fraud" a little too drastic?

Certainly the publisher of the reprint made
a mistake. HPB did NOT edit or publish it.

The editor was Robert Crosbie.

I assume the publisher saw all of the articles
by HPB and WQJ reprinted in these volumes and

I actually sent the publisher the original of Volume I
of this magazine and said he could reprint it using
my orginal copy. I did not tell him who was the editor.

Anyway I'm just glad the publisher reprinted these
volumes of THEOSOPHY magazine for alot of 
good material is in these volumes.


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