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Re: Theos-World Kindly:

Jan 03, 2006 08:52 PM
by Bhikshuni Ariya

"And now it is time to put a stop to my abominable penmanship and so relieve you from the task. Yes -- your "cosmogony"! Well, good friend, your cosmology is -- between the leaves of my Khuddaka Patha -- (my family Bible) ..."
{The Mahatmas Letters to A.P.Sinnett, Letter 43].

In the Khuddaka-Patha, you learn the following:

What is the One?
The One is: all sentient beings are supported by food.

What are the Two?
The Two are Mind & Body

What are the Three?
The Three are: the three feelings.

What are the Four?
The Four are: Gautama Buddha Tathagata four Aryas Truths.

What are the Five?
The Five are: the five grasping elements.

What are the Six?
The Six are: the six senses [sight, hearing, touch, taste, smelling, plus the sixth: 
guess which.

What are the Seven?
The Seven are: the seven factors of wisdom.

What are the Eight?
The Eight are: Gautama Buddha Tathagata Ariyas eight-folded path.

What are the Nine? 
The Nine are: the nine spheres of sentient beings [worlds, lokas].

What are the Ten?
The ten factors with which one becomes an ARHAT.


Bart Lidofsky <> wrote:
arhat_buddhism wrote:
> The six are: senses.

What are the six senses?


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