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RE: 6 senses in man Kindly:

Jan 03, 2006 03:37 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

1/2/2006 12:57 PM

Re: significance of numbers 6 and 9
RE: 6 senses in man Kindly:

Dear Friends:

Inquiries about the meaning of numbers and letters of the alphabet (sounds)
may be assisted by reference to the very good SECRET DOCTRINE INDEX
published by 

Theosophical Publishing House in Pasadena



references in the SECRET DOCTRINE 

SIX (senary) II 580, 582

derived fr a seventh II 628 
directions of space I 118 
emblem of physical nature II 591 
naros cycle & II 619 
no stability in, alone II 628 
principles in man II 616 
sacred to Venus II 592 
666 & Beast I 655n; II 619 
symbolizes animating principle II 583 
symbolizes Earth II 581 
symbolizes swastika II 587 
world created according to I 407

See also Double Triangle, Hebdomad

dual nature of man, symbol of II 533 
first emanated Logos I 215 
Fohat center of I 216 
six powers, planes, etc I 215 
snow crystals & II 594



Aryan Hindu explanation of I 114-15 &n 
decimal system of I 361 
in Egyptian cat symbolism II 552 &n 
figures & zero form universe I 99 
kabbalistic symbolism II 217 
number of male generative energy I 114; II 217 
occult value of I 76 
sacred number of being II 622 &n 
svabhavat is one & nine I 98 
various symbols of II 580-1


Best wishes,



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From: Bart Lidofsky
Sent: Monday, January 02, 2006 10:34 AM
Subject: Re: Kindly:

arhat_buddhism wrote:
The six are: senses.

What are the six senses?



HPB explains in the SECRET DOCTRINE I 251, 258


The Second Round brought forth and developed two Elements—Fire and Earth—and
its humanity, adapted to this condition of Nature, if we can give the name
Humanity to beings living under conditions unknown to men, was—to use again
a familiar phrase in a strictly figurative sense (the only way in which it
can be used correctly)—"a two-dimensional species."   

The processes of natural development which we are now considering will at
once elucidate and discredit the fashion of speculating on the attributes of
the two, three, and four or more "dimensional Space;" but in passing, it is
worth while to point out the real significance of the sound but incomplete
intuition that has prompted—among Spiritualists and Theosophists, and
several great men of Science, for the matter of that *—the use of the modern
expression, "the fourth dimension of Space." 

To begin with, of course, the superficial absurdity of assuming that Space
itself is measurable in any direction is of little consequence. 

The familiar phrase can only be an abbreviation of the fuller form—the
"Fourth dimension of MATTER in Space." † But it is an unhappy phrase even
thus expanded, because while it is perfectly true that the progress of
evolution may be destined to introduce us to new characteristics of matter,
those with which we are already familiar are really more numerous than the
three dimensions. The faculties, or what is perhaps the best available term,
the characteristics of matter, must clearly bear a direct relation always to
the senses of man. 


Matter has extension, colour, motion (molecular motion), taste, and smell,
corresponding to the existing senses of man, and by the time that it fully
develops the next characteristic—let us call it for the moment
PERMEABILITY—this will correspond to the next sense of man—let us call it
"NORMAL CLAIRVOYANCE;" thus, when some bold thinkers have been thirsting for
a fourth dimension to explain the passage of matter through matter, and the
production of knots upon an endless cord, what they were really in want of,
was a sixth characteristic of matter. The three dimensions belong really but
to one attribute or characteristic of matter—extension; and * Professor
Zollner's theory has been more than welcomed by several Scientists --who are
Spiritualists—Professors Butlerof and Wagner, of St. Petersburg, for
† "The giving reality to abstractions is the error of Realism. Space and
Time are frequently viewed as separated from all the concrete experiences of
the mind, instead of being generalizations of these in certain aspects."
(Bain, Logic, Part II., p. 389.) [252] popular common sense justly rebels
against the idea that under any condition of things there can be more than
three of such dimensions as length, breadth, and thickness. 

These terms, and the term "dimension" itself, all belong to one plane of
thought, to one stage of evolution, to one characteristic of matter. So long
as there are foot-rules within the resources of Kosmos, to apply to matter,
so long will they be able to measure it three ways and no more; and from the
time the idea of measurement first occupied a place in the human
understanding, it has been possible to apply measurement in three directions
and no more. But these considerations do not militate in any way against the
certainty that in the progress of time—as the faculties of humanity are
multiplied—so will the characteristics of matter be multiplied also.
Meanwhile, the expression is far more incorrect than even the familiar one
of the "Sun rising or setting." S D I 251-2

"And only during that Round will those higher senses, the growth and
development of which Akasa subserves, be susceptible of a complete
expansion. As already indicated, a partial familiarity with the
characteristic of matter—permeability—which should be developed concurrently
with the sixth sense, may be expected to develop at the proper period in
this Round. But with the next element added to our resources in the next
Round, permeability will become so manifest a characteristic of matter, that
the densest forms of this will seem to man's perceptions as obstructive to
him as a thick fog, and no more." S D I 258

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