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Jan 01, 2006 10:18 AM
by Amela


Well as my first email is my introduction I shall begin. My name is Amela. I am a highschool science teacher in Australia. I'm not sure how much detail is needed but If more information is requested I am happy to supply it. There are two reasons why I have joined the list. The first reason is that I am seeking spiritual/intellectual growth. The second reason is that I am delving into opening up a highschool based on an educational philosophy from an alternative school I used to teach at which closed (long story). But I also want to add a spiritual philosophy to this future school. Since the school closed I haven't been very happy teaching whithin dogmatic private schools or public schools which lack a holistic appraoch to teaching. Some claim they do but I still think more can be achieved. I've looked into teaching at a steiner school but it doesn't include all of my visions and is still someone too structured. If anyone is curious about the philosophy of this school I am happy to share. At this point it is just a wonderful idea. not sure where to go from here.

warm regards

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