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Re: Theos-World Big Daddy, Victimhood and New Orleans

Sep 04, 2005 06:04 PM
by Cass Silva

So far Bart I have only seen two black politicians in New Orleans, the mayor and a senator. Where are all these corrupt (presumably white) Louisana and New Orleans corrupt government officials when the shit hit the fan. Surely someone in the U.S.Government is there to oversee that when money is thrown at a state that the state provides a record of what contingency plans have been put in place, even if only rhetoric? If the US Government was ready to move in, what took them so long, it only took five days to move mountains when the US was going into Irak, yet five days on and the levees are still flooding?


Bart Lidofsky <> wrote: wrote:
> The mind set that looks to Washington first and never blaming the
> victim for at least some of his problems is anathema to both the
> American character and Theosophy. Both first assume the citizen or
> the soul should take personal responsibility for his own destiny.
> Most of the remaining New Orleans' citizens did,or were forced to do,
> this and were waiting for relief to arrive. Some were sleeping on
> the ground because no housing was available. 

The responsibility goes largely on the shoulders of the corrupt 
Louisiana and New Orleans government, who were required, by law, to have 
an evacuation plan or let the U.S. government know that they didn't have 
one, so that the U.S. government would be prepared to move in.


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