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Re: Theos-World Religion. (Anecdotal)

Sep 02, 2005 05:45 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Hi Mark, when HPB used the term in that sense she meant the MODERN
degenerated religions.
Otherwise she labed Theosophy hereself a religion as such, or RELIGION (in
caps) or the Wisdom Religion.

One should bear in mind the important (but mostly overlooked) fact that HPB
did not used terms by chance or in ignorance or incompetence.
She used terms - even (or more than ever) if the spirit of modern times -
the false Zeitgeist - seemed to be to her disadvantage.
But she wrote not for the (false) Zeitgeist, but for the sake of truth and
for this coming cycle.
When she used terms, even the offending ones, she was trasnporting a
message. She used the term in in origin sense.

The term religion she attributed to be such a misleaded modern use. If you
go to the root of the term, you'll find that it means something to re-bind
to the divine.
But no modern Religion has the knowledge to do the re-binding, nor do they
teach it, except Buddhism, which from all degenerated religions she regarded
as the less corrupted one.

That is the reason why she demands that Theosophy (the self-knowledge of the
divine in men, as Franz Hartmann put it so well) or the holistic system of
the religious tenets - which is only in parts revealed, but is a complete
system, in opposite to modern pseudo-religions which comprise NOT a
complete, holistic system, but only parts of the once universal religion,
and therefore a TRUE religion - must sewp away the false religions from the
ground of the Earth.

HPB also taught, that each should remain in his religion in which he was
raised, because it is the best place where he/she can work and ensoul his
If you understand the esoteric rationale of one partial "religion", you'll
also understand all the others.

Converting from one dead-letter belief to another dead-letter believe is no
spiritual progress, which must come from within and results in the living in
a higher principle of our sevenfold constitution.
The former means sticking on outer forms.

The present Dalai Lama supports HPB herein, when he also says that his
adherents should not convert to Buddhism, but should rather remain in their
own religion.

So you see that religion and religion is not the same.

As dogma and dogma is not the same.

But Theosophy cann also be misused as every religion. If people stop
thinking and create hard-and-fast dogmas and make silly occult claims about
their high status etc., dead-letter worship and lip-service- all what is the
usual habit in German theosophical circles and what de Purucker condemned as
theosophcial sects - then they make a (modern) religion out of Theosophy.
But if they would follow HPB in the true sense and would ensoul themselves,
coming up and re-bind to the divine and also helping their struggling
comrades on the path, they would make out of Theosophy religion - the
universal Wisdom-Science-Religion of the Masters of Compassion and Peace as
taught in Dzyan schools.

BTW, that is the reason why any misusage of Theosophy and killing the living
spirit, giving the people stones instead of wine, she termed
pseudo-Theosophy. Note well, that Katherine Tingley, fighting against the
doctrines taught by Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater, used to term their
teachings "Neo-Theosophy". With Hegel's dialectic of
thesis-anti-thesis-synthesis it is quite clear, why KT used often this term.
An Esotericist, on a meta level above the exoteric brain-minded fight arena,
will see the rationale of it and AB and CWL adherents would see KT in a much
milder light, even when they would disagree with her. And vice versa. HPB
knew this also well. One more reason to trust that HPB is, was and will be
the great UNIFIER of the lower manas seperations of theosophical lineages.

The unity in the Theosophical Movement can only work and last on higher
manas. A unity based on lower manas will not work long, if ever.
Sentimentalism is opposed to spiritualism.
Truth is opposed to hypocrisy.


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Subject: Re: Theos-World Religion. (Anecdotal)

I vaguely remember somewhere that HPB's intention was that Theosophy
should not be a designated as a religion.

I didn't say she was against religion, but one can be a Christian and
a Theosophist without "converting."

-Mark H.

On 9/2/05, Frank Reitemeyer <> wrote:
> I understand HPB that way, that she was not against Religions, only
> against
> false ones.
> She was also not against dogmas, but only in forcing people to believe in
> them. (Theosophy & Occultism have many dogmas as HPB and Masters
> confirmed).
> She was also not against Jews, but only against Pharisees and Zionists.
> She was also not against races, but only against the maya of a Master
> Race.
> She was also not against co-operation of the nations, but only against a
> world republic or a world parliament or a world administration.
> She was also not against patriotism, but only against a patriotism, which
> is
> based on the lower self.
> She was also not against war, but only against a war, which is based on
> the
> lower self. (Theosophy is no pacifism)
> All the misunderstandings of HPB's SPIRIT (and, the more, the many strange
> and ludicrous translations, at least in German) are centered in the
> unenlightened Western lower mind, which cannot discriminate between truth
> and untruth.
> Frank
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> Subject: Theos-World Religion. (Anecdotal)
> In Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia (1997 edition on CD), I was
> surprised to find that Theosophy was described as a *Religion* founded
> by H.P.B.
> I wonder if they ever fixed this in later editions.
> -Mark H.
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