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Hurricane Katrina - Why comes no help?

Sep 02, 2005 10:07 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

The hurricane destroyed a whole city.
They get no help by the Bush administration since days, although there was a 
No prememptive strike, no Navy, no army standing in the back to be ready for 
help ASAP.

The pictures of the destroyed cites in the New Orleans area remind a German 
theosophist to similar domestic pictures of 1944-45, when Jewish-American 
freedom and liberty bombed destroyed Germany's cities (BTW, Wurzburg 
(Elberfeld), where HPB began to wirte her major work The Secret Doctrine was 
the city which was with 95% the relatively most destroyed one).
The pictures of Berlin, Hambrg, Dresden, Cologne, Munich, Vienna, Pforzheim 
etc. come to mind.

Although the Germans suffered physically, they remained unbroken 
spiritually. The remedial actions worked. There was no chaos from within, 
everyone worked for the public interest. Egoism was the exception. This 
untold but remarkable behaviour is owed by the general high-mindedness of 
the Germans and their high regards for virtues, which the governments of 
Bismarck, Wilhelm II. and Hitler strengthened.

What is the reason that such chaos, looterings, murder, rape, rap in New 
Orleans could happen?
Is it the general cultivation of the lower self? The every day appeal to 
outsmart your neighbour, your colleagues?

No doubt, if such a cataclysm would happen in the Germany of today, I have 
no doubt that we would see the same pictures on tv.
But the spiritual conditions were otherwise before the German soul was 
One thing is certain: If that cataclysm would happen today on the German 
coast and there were no help from the goverment since several days - the 
chancellor would be kicked out of office by return.

Is not Theosophy and its appeal of Universal Brotherhood the spiritual 
antidot for this outbursts of the lower self?
American patriot and theosophical Leader Katherine Tingley gave some 
practical examples with their Sisters of Mercy and other first aid actions 
to help victims of wars and cataclysms.
Where are the Theosophists of today?

The US Army has ordered a ban on leave for September. Is it that the new war 
against Iran is in its last phase of preparation?
Was the Hurricane Katrina butting into the onrolling war machine and the GIs 
on the way to Iran have to be redirected?

Is that the reason why the Bush government sent no troops to help the 
Americans in New Orleans?
Because they are prepared to help (liberate) the Iranians?

Or is it that it concerns only a poor Southern state?
Do they just follow the Kissinger doctrine that they will get rid of the 
poor, stupid mob?
Kissinger wants that 5 out of the 6 billions people of the world must be get 
rid of by violence to have a paradise in the aftermath.
Do the New Orleaners die for the sake of the One World conspiracy?

Questions over questions?
Who is able to answer?



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