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Re: Theos-World Cancer producing agents - Plastic

Aug 27, 2005 05:38 PM
by Mark Hamilton Jr.

Sorry, I skipped over this last piece.

> I suppose that the caution below would include freezing ice cubes in plastic
> trays? But what is the alternative? You are not supposed to use alunimum in
> contact with food for health reasons, if you believe most of the health food
> books, and the only alternative ice cube trays that I have seen in the
> stores are either alunimum or plastic. I use plastic.

Freezing in plastic or aluminum is not dangerous either. Aluminum just
changes the taste because of the added Aluminum Oxide. It's pretty
inert, as is Tin Oxide (which is why they usually use Tin or Aluminum
in making soda cans).

Most of these supposed health risks are just old wives tales. Your
most likely source of cancer-causing risks are Radon gas (found in
pockets under the ground, which can leak into your house), living on
Long Island/New York (we have a laboratory out here that carries out
nuclear experiments, and we just so happen to have the highest
occurences of Breast Cancer in the world), and genetic predisposition
to it.

Some people are just genuinely cancer-magnets, and regardless of the
precautions they take, they will get it regardless. On the other hand,
there are people who've worked in asbestos factories their entire
lives without having one instance of it.

-Mark H.

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