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Re: Theos-World Conditions after death ( AnandGholap.Net -Online Theosophy)

Jun 13, 2005 04:32 PM
by krishtar

A friend of mine asked the following:
If we develop our astral senses can we contact our passed loved ones?

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Subject: Theos-World Conditions after death ( AnandGholap.Net -Online Theosophy)

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" The state of affairs found as actually existing is much more rational than most of the current theories. It is not found that any sudden change takes place in man at death, or that he is spirited away to some heaven beyond the stars. On the contrary, man remains after death exactly what he was before it  the same in intellect, the same in his qualities and powers; and the conditions in which he finds himself are those which his own thoughts and desires have already created for him. There is no reward or punishment from outside, but only the actual result of what the man himself has done and said and thought while here on earth. In fact, the man makes his bed during earth life and afterwards he has to lie on it!  

This is the first and most prominent fact  that we have not here a strange new life, but a continuation of the present one. We are not separated from the dead, for they are here about us all the time. The only separationis the limitation of our consciousness, so that we have lost, not our loved ones, but the power to see them. It is quite possible for us to raise ourconsciousness, that we can see them and talk with them as before, and all of us constantly do that, though we only rarely remember it fully. A man may learn to focus his consciousness in his astral body while his physical body is still awake, but that needs special development, and in the case of the average man would take much time. But during the sleep of his physical body every man uses his astral vehicle to a greater or lesser extent, and inthat way we are daily with our departed friends. Sometimes we have a partial remembrance of meeting them, and then we say we dreamt of them; more frequently we have no recollection of such encounters and remain ignorant thatthey have taken place. Yet it is a definite fact that the ties of affection are still as strong as ever, and so the moment the man is freed from the chains of his physical encasement he naturally seeks the company of those whom he loves. So that in truth the only change is that he spends the night with them instead of the day, and he is conscious of them astrally instead of physically. "

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