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Liberal Catholic Church can be a powerful force for good

Jun 12, 2005 00:05 AM
by Anand Gholap

Principle of unity of life, constitution of man taking into account his 
higher bodies, man as fragment of divinity who can know his unity with 
God directly, these principles which Theosophy gives were written long 
back in Hindu religion, Vedas and Upanishats.
In other religions like Christianity, Islam, Buddhism these principles 
may be existing in esoteric part of them. However these three religions 
as understood by ordinary followers of those religions and as 
understood by scholars don't give the principles written above which 
Hindu religion gives. 
Liberal Catholic Church is the only other religion which visibly 
appreciates those principles. Leadbeater and Besant have given 
principles in Vedas through Theosophy. And LCC is the only other 
organized religion which openly shows appreciation of these principles 
as given by Theosophy. 
As Liberal Catholic Church is based on very sound philosophy called 
Theosophy it can be a very powerful force for good in the world.

Anand Gholap 


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