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Re: Theos-World suggestion to Eldon

May 04, 2005 05:29 PM
by prmoliveira

--- In, "krishtar" <krishtar_a@b...> wrote:

> Excuse me for being intrude, but were you refering to my last post?
> If it is thus, I want to say that it was not my intention to mean it.
> IŽd even ask apologise but I should do it not for you, I gess, but 
to the one I was referring/writing to.
> English idiom sometimes plays trick on me, principally when some 
local manners are translated directly, causing certain 

Yes, I was also referring to your post. I think that neither Anand nor 
anyone on this list deserves that kind of treatment, even if meant as 
an irony. 

I may be wrong here, but having read a number of articles by HPB, both 
in "The Theosophist" as well as in "Lucifer", I never came accross 
instances of personal attacks by her against her opponents, although 
she could at times savage their VIEWS, whenever she found necessary to 
do so. 


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