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Re:Annie Besant was real founder of the TS

May 02, 2005 11:03 AM
by Anand Gholap

You respect HPB's work. But why don't you recognize and respect work 
of others like Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater who gave almost 
whole of their life to the Theosophical Society.
Anand Gholap

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> Anand
> you sent should show how humble HPB was, althought being her a true 
iniciate and having so much wisdom and knowledge to pass on, and not 
a reason for you denigrate her again.
> Poor HPB, she was also so fragilized having all the dark powers 
against her.
> Anand you donīt know all the powers involved and what you are doing.
> You are feeding the same black forces that tried to flatten the TS 
and the work of masters.
> If you insist to denigrate her, you are denigrating the masterīs 
works as addiction, also creating a bad karma.
> Krishtar
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> Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2005 2:52 PM
> Subject: Theos-World HPB admitted she misunderstood teaching 
given by Masters
> On 4 th January 1887 HPB wrote letter to Col. Olcott after Subba 
> (S.R.) gave opinion about Proem of SD. 
> HPB writes " ........Let S.R. do what he likes. I give him 
> blanche. I trust in his wisdom far more than in mine, for I may 
> misunderstood in many a point both Master and the Old G. (other 
> They give me facts only and rarely dictate in succession. I am no 
> of books you know it........"
> It not only tells wisdom of SR but also tells that she did 
> misunderstand things which went into her writing.
> Later when she sent draft of Secrete Doctrine to Subba Raw for 
> correcting mistakes. He went through it and told her that if he 
was to 
> correct it he would have to write whole book again. 
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