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Re: Theos-World Re: Many Theos-talk members love and respect Leadbeater.

Mar 25, 2005 02:04 PM
by M. Sufilight

Being an honest seeker, who also have seen Harry Potter,
I have a few questions:

Is CWL suggesting, that one should concentrate upon the Ego, but not upon God / Brahman ?
Or what is he suggesting ?
Should I meditate on my Ego and not on God/Brahman as Atma ?

I quote CWL:
"Of the Absolute, the Infinite, the All-embracing, we can at our present stage know nothing, except that It is; we can say nothing that is not a limitation, and therefore inaccurate.

25. In It are innumerable universes; in each universe countless solar systems. Each solar system is the expression of a mighty Being, whom we call the Logos, the Word of God, the Solar Deity. He is to it all that men mean by God. He permeates it; there is nothing in it which is not He; it is the manifestation of Him in such matter as we can see. Yet He exists above it and outside it, living a stupendous life of His own among His Peers. As is said in Eastern Scripture: "Having permeated this whole universe with one fragment of Myself, I remain".

26. Of this higher life of His we can know nothing. But of the fragment of His life which energizes His system we may know something in the lower levels of its manifestation. We may not see Him, but we may see His power at work. No one who is clairvoyant can be atheistic; the evidence is too tremendous.

27. Out of Himself He has called this mighty system into being. We who are in it are evolving fragments of His life, Sparks of His divine Fire; from Him we all have come; into Him we shall all return.

28. Many have asked why He as done this; why He (Page 10) has emanated from Himself all this system; why He has sent us forth to face the storms of life. We cannot know, nor is the question practical; suffice it that we are here, and we must do our best. Yet many philosophers have speculated on this point and many suggestions have been made. The most beautiful that I know is that of a Gnostic philosopher:

29. "God is Love, but Love itself cannot be perfect unless it has those upon whom it can be lavished and by whom it can be returned. Therefore He put forth of Himself into matter, and He limited His glory, in order that through this natural and slow process of evolution we might come into being; and we in turn according to His will are to develop until we reach even His own level, and then the very love of God itself will become more perfect, because it will then be lavished on those, His own children, who will fully understand and return it, and so His great scheme will be realized and His Will be done".

Now I ask you:
Is LOGOS as male or a female?

I just ask you how this teaching by CWL would be absorbed by the beginner Seekers of today?

A few words:
A different kind of Clairvoyance <<<
Those interested in understanding the problems surrounding "the true or false
Teachers of the Theosophical arts" could with advantage read the content of the following link and
use the words Theossophy as Theosophical/Theosophy= Sufi/Sufism or similar:

M. Sufilight with a friendly smile...

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Here are some points.
" The object of the whole previous evolution has been to produce the
ego as a manifestation of the Monad. Then the ego in its turn evolves
by putting itself down into a succession of personalities. Men who do
not understand this look upon the personality as the self, and
consequently live for it alone, and try to regulate their lives for
what appears to be its temporary advantage. The man who understands
realizes that the only important thing is the life of the ego, and
that its progress is the object for which the temporary personality
must be used. Therefore when he has to decide between two possible
courses he thinks not, as the ordinary man might: "Which will bring
the greater pleasure and profit to me as a personality?" but "Which
will bring greater progress to me as an ego?" Experience soon teaches
him that nothing can ever be really good for him, or for any one,
which is not good for all, and so presently he learns to forget
himself altogether, and to ask only what will be best for humanity as
a whole. "
Complete book can be read at

Anand Gholap

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