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Re: Theos-World bathwater syndrome Re: Email to Radha Burnier

Mar 18, 2005 02:52 AM
by Cass Silva

Dear Konstantin,
It sounds like fear talking to me. If the theosophical society has to die it doesnt mean the ancient wisdom will. Better not to have any wisdom than to have it corrupted.

Whatever HPB did she did it prior to forming the theosophical society. The future will prove all those psychics wrong. You never know, Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine may survive the Theosophical Society. And isnt that what matters. Shouldnt we be fighting for the wisdom she left us and not for the personalities that misinterpreted the word.


Konstantin Zaitzev <> wrote:

--- In, "nhcareyta" wrote:

> Will the very good work of many members of the Adyar TS be "lost" if 
Bishop Leadbeater's credibility is shattered? Is it a "baby and 
bathwater syndrome"?

Yes, precisely. (But not exactly what you mean under that). Because 
after getting rid of Leadbeater the campaign against Blavatsky could 
begin. For those criticisers should always be busy, and it doesn't 
matter at all, who'll be next, for a big majority of them establish 
their self, not the truth. In the outer world the idea that HPB was a 
liar and charlatan already prevails, so it would be possible to 
inculcate it inside the Theosophical Society too. Still they need HPB 
as a good means against CWL, AB, AAB, AAAB, AAAAAB etc, but after 
smashing them they will easily drop her overboard. You may read the 
works by K. Paul Johnson to see beginning of this process. Some 
leaders don't know how counteract it and prefer to keep the current 
situation. Regardless of his personal qualities and real value of his 
books, Leadbeater still serves as a good buffer.

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