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Re: Theos-World Re: Cooperation

Feb 10, 2005 05:37 AM
by Erica Letzerich

Dear Kons,


I must but only agree with your comment below. I think also that it was a great mistake of Judge to leave the Theosophical Society. 


About cooperation as I was reading the comments of Jerry on this subject I would like to make some comments.


I notice on the part of some ULT fellows a great deal of antipathy towards the members of the T.S. Adyar, something that I do not see at least betweenthe T.S. (Adyar members) towards the U.L.T .


Here in Greece a friend of mine has now created the U.L.T. we had many conversations and we do really wish to establish a cooperative work between theT.S. here and the U.L.T., but that seems not to be so easy. For how that could happen with persons that during public lectures deliberate attack and criticize the T.S. Adyar? Such critics are many times heavy and also deprived of good sense causing in the public a hostile attitude towards the T.S. Adyar.


I remember a lady that some months ago visited the T.S. here in Athens and she was coming from the U.L.T. well she was like someone ready to the war. She started criticizing the T.S. mentioning that we do not study Blavatsky (notice that it was the very first time she was stepping in the T.S.) but she was going often to the ULT, well she left saying that she would not return ever.


Maybe if the attitude of some ULT fellows towards the T.S. Adyar would be more respectful cooperation would indeed be viable to happen. But when some of the ULT fellows refuse even to send a post in an online group that is not connected to the ULT or has not the photo of Blavatsky in the first pagethat makes any try very difficult.





Konstantin Zaitzev <> wrote:

--- In, "krishtar" wrote:

> He started it all, he started the division.
> The worst of all IMO is that he dragged Annie B. to his 
> a woman of great promise.

Pardon me, but even if all you wrote were true, it was W.Q. Judge who 
is responsible for the first split of the theosophical movement. As 
far I know, he wasn't expelled but has himself divided the Society. 
Other numerous splits were just the echoes of the first and main one.
If Besant, Olcott and Leadbeater were wrong, he could say that they 
are wrong, they are fools, they are villains and black magicians, and 
maybe they would even hate him for that and expell him, but no one 
could accuse him in split. In Buddhism the split of the sangha is 
regarded as one of the greatest falls, and it far overweights all the 
sins of the other side, real and imaginary, whatever they could be. 
This principle is quite applicable to the TS, for the brotherhood is 
its first object while other objects are subsidary.

Remember that Leadbeater didn't held any important office in the 
Theosophical Society. The difference of opinion and preaching wrong 
teaching is not a sin at all. To accuse people in that is just 
ridiculous for those who call themselves theosophists.

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