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RE: Dallas, What a surprise- and giants too

Feb 10, 2005 05:31 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Feb 10 2005


Thanks J.



Early in the 1910-1930 era some petrified giants were found jutting out from
a bench of rock above a torrent in the Havasupai Canyon, a branch of the
GRAND CANYON in Arizona -- Sizes 27, 24 and 18 feet long.  

Here are some of the details -- records and photographs are kept at U of C
Berkley, and Dept of Geology, Washington D C.

RE: Evidence Of Petrified Giant Remains From Atlantis?
References to research

Around 1922 and on to about 1926 reports came in of the discovery of
calcified (petrified) remains of three giant humans.

They were at the bottom of the Havasupai canyon a branch of the Grand Canyon
in Arizona. Photographs and details were taken and preserved in San
Francisco and in Washington in the archives of the Dept. of Geology.

The Professor of Geology and anthropology at the University of California
Francisco, Dr Hubbard and another Mr. Osborn did the discovering,
investigating and measuring.

I found in old issues of THEOSOPHY Magazine [Vols 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17,
and 34 references to these. 1923-46. ] The discovery was interrupted and
terminated by a large landslide in the canyon that obliterated the area. It
was massive and too large to try to remove.

But the reports and photographs exist in the archives of both institutions.
Apparently the man-figure was about 27 feet long, the woman-figure about 24,
and the child was about 18 feet long.

The petrified figures were exposed on a ledge near the bottom of the canyon
and were partly buried inside the material of the wall of the canyon above.

My father had pictures of these and I saw those when I was about 18. Those
pictures are still on file with the University and the Govt. as far as I

I have also heard of the footprints in Carson City, and I seem to recall a
recent issue of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magazine that reproduced them or 
some others similar to those, probably in the last 10 years. [ see S D II
755 ]

The reference is to Dr. Hubbard's discoveries and the photographs and
details are at 2 places:

1	at the archives of the Geology Dept. University of California in
Berkley near San Francisco and

2	at the archives of the Dept. of Geology in Washington D C [ also

I also gave reference to THEOSOPHY Magazine volumes.

Here are the page numbers if someone is interested in reading and tracing
these down.

Dr. Hubbard	Dr. Osborn
-------------------------	-----------------------

Vol. 11, pp. 386, 526	Osborn p. 191
12 377
13	281, 360, 402-3 Osborn p. 567
14	380
16	.	. Osborn p. 236
17	235-7, 777-8
25	138-9
34	357, 439,
35	184
37	38,
55	313


S D II 9, 154, 224, 276-8, 293, 335-8, 340-1, 345-8, 365, 409, 752-3, 755,

Isis Unveiled I p. 120, 304,

LUCIFER Magazine 10, 358,
13, 91
7	436



DTB	Get and read a copy of FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGY -  

by Cramer and Johnson

Published a few years ago in San Diego. (1996 ?)

Also a 2nd volume (1999) recording the responses to that book is also

It shows Scientific responses.



Look at these references on "Giants" in the 

SECRET DOCTRINE by H P Blavatsky 1888



Atlanteans settled & perished on II 326 
cyclopean relics on I 439; II 317, 337 
decad found on I 321 
legends re Lemuria II 788 
part of submerged continent I 322, 439; II 316n, 337 
Rapa-nui, Teapy or II 324 
remnant of Lemuria II 324, 326-8, 680 
rock city thirty miles west of II 317 
sank & was raised II 327-8 
statues, ansated cross on I 322; II 557 
statues of fourth race giants II 224, 316 &n, 331, 336-7 
statues record last Lemurians II 340

allied w asuras II 500-1 
angels beget II 293 
Antaeus II 278 
antediluvian, of Bible II 70, 340, 762 
Atlanteans II 70, 236, 275, 276, 279, 286, 493 
Atlas assisted, against gods II 493 
B'ne-aleim or, (Genesis 6) II 375 
bones of, on Mt Hermon II 409 
born of Kasyapa-Aditya II 382n 
both mentally & physically I 416 
Bronze Age, (Hesiod) II 772 
Cainites or II 146, 172, 222 
Chinese traditions of II 365 
Cholula pyramid built by II 276n 
colossal powers of II 346 
commanded elements (Creuzer) II 285 
Cyclopean structures & II 341 
Cyclops II 70, 345n 
Daksha & II 275-6 
Danavas, Daityas, or I 415; II 31, 183, 192, 336, 501 
-demon, Vaisvanara (Danava) II 381 
devs or, hid jewels & metals II 396 
disappeared before Moses II 755 
Druids not Cyclopes or II 343, 754 
dwarfs &, in Africa II 754 
of Eocene, Miocene II 340 
evidence of II 154, 277-88, 347, 755 
Field of, France, bones at II 277 
footprints in Carson [Nevada] II 755 
frost, in Eddas II 386 
Genesis on II 154, 236, 284 
Geryon or Hillus II 278 
gibborim of Bible I 415; II 70, 279, 340 
good & evil II 70, 222 
Gould on II 218-19 
Gyges, Briareus, Kottos II 775-6 
Ham, Shem, Japhet not II 343n 
heroes or II 369 
hidden meaning of I 114 
Job refers to, (IU) II 496 
legends of, not baseless II 410 
man a pre-Tertiary II 9 
man mated w II 331 
man now diminutive II 348 
Medusa II 70 
modern, cited II 277, 293n 
monsters &, biblical II 194-5 
nephilim of Bible II 755 
Noah was a II 265 
Orion, son of Ephialtes II 278 
perished w Atlantis II 350, 753 
Philostratus on II 278 
preceded us pigmies II 194 
precosmic titanic forces II 99 
Puranic, called devils I 415 
Quinames are II 276n 
Rahu a II 381 
rakshasas of Lanka II 70 
Rephaim Biblical I 345; II 279, 496 
second, third, fourth round I 188, 190 
serpents &, demons (Clement) II 280 &n 
Sinhalese &, of Lanka II 407-8 
skeletons at Carthage II 278 
skeletons, none found in dolmens II 753 
sorcery of, no myth II 774 
Theophrastus [Theopompus] on Atlantean II 760 
Thera, found on II 278-9 
three polar, or continents II 776 
Titans based on fact of II 154 
Titan was Orphic II 70 
tombs of II 752 
various I 114; II 336, 749, 754-6, 774-5 
Virabhadara the terrible II 68 
written language of II 346n 
yellow-faced II 425 
Ymir (Norse) I 367, 427; II 97, 99 
Zeus used, against gods II 776


Dracontian, grandeur of II 380 
mighty ones leave lasting I 434-5


ancient divining rocks II 346 
not works of nature II 347 
once covered the globe II 380, 756 
plans of, destroyed by bishops II 347 
prove ancient doctrines II 756 


Atlantean survivors built II 352, 753 
discussed II 750, 752-4


Bamian (Afghanistan) 
As a record, built by buddhas of former cycles II 224
of Dordogne II 522 
-dwellers I 208n, 280 
Gimil's, (Norse) II 100 
gupta, near Okhee Math I xxx 
of initiate-hermits II 381, 501 
initiation- I xx; II 181n, 237n, 541, 558 
libraries I xxiv, xxxiv 
Moses initiated at Hor-eb II 541 
Neolithic II 352 
of rishis II 381 
seven, of Nahuatl II 35 &n 
Zoroastrian I 126

CARNAC (in Brittany) II 352, 752

Egyptian Karnac & II 380 
giants & II 341, 343 
isthmus once joined, & Britain II 750 &n 
Malabar tombs & II 347 
meant serpent mount [mound] II 380 
pre-Druidic symbolic record II 754 
relic of last Atlanteans II 343 
world history symbolized in II 754


Atlantean source of II 745-6, 753n 
civilization gives way to Atlantean II 769-70 
Druids heir to lore of II 754 
Easter Island, remains I 322, 439; II 224, 317, 337 
monuments I 208-9n; II 344-5 
oldest, buildings late Lemurian II 317 
remnants II 294 
stones & colossal buildings II 769 
structures & giants II 341 
structures in Peru II 317, 337, 745 
swastika found on, buildings II 586 
third or, eye II 299 
Tiryns, Mycenae were II 345n

STONE(S). See also Baetyl, Dolmen, Rocking

Argonaut, described II 345 
becomes plant I 107, 197, 246; II 186, 188, 258, 590 
betyles (baetyl) II 342 
circle at Malabar II 347 
circle of Galilee II 755 
consciousness in I 274 
cup-like markings on II 346n 
Dracontia as rocking II 346-7 
equipoise of ancient II 343-4 
hinging, of Salisbury Plain II 343 
huge, universally distributed II 752-4 
Irish circular, fr Africa II 343 
Lemurian cities of, & lava II 317 
life energy dormant in II 673n 
magic, moving, speaking II 341-2, 342n 
Mona, described II 345 
moved by will II 342n 
particles of, constantly moving I 507-8n 
in profound lethargy I 626n 
rocking, Atlantean relics II 343, 347 
science of, fr Atlantis II 426 
w sculptured symbols II 790 
w seven eyes explained II 626-7 

ROCK(S), balanced, in Harpasa (Pliny) II 346-7
Rock-cut Temples (Hindustan)
decad found in I 321 
many viharas in II 338

CAVES (In India)

Elephant (Bombay harbour) 
Ellora	(huge)
Karli (near Poona), labyrinth, passages of II 221
Kenhari (Bombay)
Jogeshwari (Bombay)
Ankor Wat (Cambodia) 


called "Stones of Truth" II 346 
discussed II 344-5 
found in Old, New Worlds II 342n 
largest, Atlantean II 347 
of natural origin (geologists) II 343
Rocks of Destiny, oracle rocks read by priests II 346

[Courtesy of Theosophical Publishing House , Pasadena]


426	SCIENCES AND ARTS taught Early Aryans by Wise Atlanteans:
[Divine Kings: SD II 200 222 317 392
[Teachers: SD I 208 267 362 II 364 572
Metrography & Meteorology
Virtues and qualities of precious and other stones
Mineralogy, Geology
SD II 194 430-1 694 SD I 464 

428	Account of eye-witness of Atlantean DELUGE
WQJ Letters p. 244-5

429	PYRAMIDS IN EGYPT built by degenerate descendants of
people on Poseidonis before the advent of the
Aryan Hindu "Eastern AEtheopeans"
SD II 279fn 353 408 417-8
429	Labyrinthian passages built in various places to conserve
sacred ceremonies	SD II 379 436
429-30 Civilization of Atlantis was far higher than Egyptian, 
Greek or Roman

430	Ages of Darkness intervening ages of darkness and 
ignorance	Isis I 49-50 239
430	Phoenicians circumnavigated world.

438	Relics and ruins around the world speak to the great
civilizations of antiquity : Examples
Isis I 523-4 561 571-2 Glos 174 223 SD I 439
SD II 199 353 557 732

429-30	Evidence of past glories: examples of lost arts
Unfading colors of Luxor: red, blue 
Tyrian purple (and other colors),
Indestructible cement of pyramids
Damascus steel
Malleable and Stained Glass
Astronomy & Zodiac (75-80,000 years old p. II 436)
Symbolism & writing

431	Discoveries made by our science are only re-discoveries
Is II 308fn

431	Humanity and its races connected with Zodiacal signs.

431	History is recorded in Zodiac. Dendera Zodiac.
Ancient Sufi copy of History and of Future seen by HPB
Originals still exist:
SD I 438 658-9 II 374-5 332-4 351 487

431	Real ZODIAC of India unknown to Europeans Glos 287
HPB examined 2 ancient Zs of Egypt.

431	Pole of Ecliptic and of Earth had previously coincided
SD II 308 332 353 368 436 785

431	details of astronomical and Zodiacal positions given
SD II 42 400 432 590 665-8

431-2 Confusion of Egyptologists over date of building Pyramids
SD disentangles dates

432	Dendera Z. shows passage of 3 Sidereal Years 
(over 75,000 Yrs)
North Indian temple is similar (unnamed)
SD I 435 II 131 375 436 768

432 Alpha Draconis and Alcyone coincidence rare
Glos 16 SD II 551

432-3	Position of Leo, Hydra and Serpent and 3 Virgos 
indicate passage of time and Epochs

SD I 654 II 129 205 208 268 431 435 785

433	Old Zs belong to 1st family races of the 4th Sub-Race
of the 5th Root Race

433	Family race lives for 25 to 30,000 years
SD II 330fn 435

433	Aryan Asiatics witnessed the DELUGE engulfing Giant 
Atlanteans over 850,000 years ago
SD I 650 Is I 591fn
- [ Ruta and Daitya - last Islands ]
- close of Miocene age [ 6 million years ago ]
SD I 439fn II 68 141-7

433fn	Poseidonis sank about 11,000 years ago
SD II 5 8fn 39 141 444

435	Egypt's Zodiac	from India and Ceylon	SD II 332 433
3 Virgos indicate 3 Divine Dynasties

436	Adept Teachers descended to instruct 3rd Sub-Race of the 5th
-- Mysteries of their birthplace--sidereal Heavens
SD I 272-3

436	Egyptian Labyrinth depicted the progression of the ancient
descent of Wisdom in their tiers and passages

436	3 inversions of the Poles	changed face of Zodiac which 
had to be reconstructed each time SD 353 429 431fn 693
Mackay's Spynxiad	Is I 220-1 522-3

436	Hindus and Egyptians have/had Atlantean Zodiac - from those
born by Kriyasakti powers the Sons of Yoga (FN 436)
[ 9 million years old ]	SD II 47 67 50-1 198

436	Egyptian Human Dynasties begin with Menes had Atlantean
Knowledge -- preserved in their archaic records
HPB Art III 137-9 140-1 Is I 33

436	Greek Zodiac	began in 16,984 BC ( 17,082 years old )
436fn	Volney's calculations given	SD I 658



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Subject: Dallas, What a surprise- and giants too

Dallas, this news is from Jonathan Gray - You authorized this mailing when 
you requested your free report on our web-site or a 
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Do you like surprises? BIG,BIG, BIG ones?


Yes, I must tell you what happened when I went ashore on a 
tiny island in the South Pacific ocean.

One of the most beautiful, remote and unspoilt of the Pacific 
islands is Rotuma. You won't find it in most atlases. And on 
the best of atlases it it would be just a speck.

A mere 9 miles (14 kilometers) long, and off the usual 
shipping routes, this once volcanic island remains 
unexploited and unspoilt. And my wish is, may it stay that 


On my first visit to the island, I went cycling with one of the 
men, Fatiaki Tui. On the outskirts of each village, or in the 
center of a few, was a large cemetery containing hundreds 
of stone memorials of different shapes and sizes. 

Fatiaki explained that the islanders call the cemeteries
"tumuras", and that the mourners spend much time by the 
graves, some even sleeping there for weeks after the death 
of a relative. 

You see, because of a shortage of burial ground, many are 
buried above ground level in coffins placed on top of huge 
stone slabs. About 20 years after a burial, when the villagers 
think that the corpse has sufficiently decomposed, the coffin 
is opened and a newly deceased body added to the contents.

Anyway, I just stopped and scanned the spot.

"What a large area those burial grounds cover!" I said to 

"You have not seen anything yet," he grinned, "not until you 
have seen the graves of the giants. Come on. It's only a 
short distance. I will show you."


We walked through the village of Motusa to an ancient 
tumura filled with huge graves built above the ground. Each 
grave was an enclosure of four upright slabs weighing 
several tons each, set in a rectangle with a roof made from 
another impressive stone.

"Where did these slabs come from? How could anyone have 
carried them here?" I asked in amazement.

"The only possible place they could have come from is the 
hillsides near Losa. People must have levered them off the 
hills and then dragged or carried them the mile between 
Losa and this spot."

"Wow!" I exclaimed. "What strength that must have required! 
These rocks are huge. You were not jesting when you called 
this the grave of giants."

"No, I certainly wasn't," said Fatiaki. "And there is much 
more evidence which suggests that a race of giants once 
lived on this island. 


"You remember the road you cycled on today? When it was 
built in 1927, the labourers uncovered an old cemetery 
containing bones of a size that indicated they belonged to 
bodies at least 12 feet tall.  

"They quickly and fearfully re-buried all the bones and 
changed the course of the road. So those giant bones still 
rest in the cemetery today."

A few weeks later I had the opportunity to climb Mount 
Sororoa, a high peak at the western end of the island. 

As my climbing partner Bola and I reached the summit, he 
stopped and looked straight at me. 


"Jonathan," he said, "during the second world war, coast 
watchers climbed up here and began to build a watch house. 
As they dug holes for the corner posts, they uncovered shin 
bones over 3 feet (1 meter) long."  

You can figure this outside for yourself. Again, only a 12 foot 
man would have leg bones that size. 

"They also found human teeth which they described as big 
like a horse's teeth. 


"And in this same general area, while searching for places to 
hide in case of Japanese invasion, the people found caves 
filled with giant human bones."


Then, in 1984, Kijian Taksas (whom I have personally met) 
was supervising the digging of a new grave. 
The workers unearthed an ancient shin bone. Kijian placed 
one end of it on the ground and measured to her hip - that 
ancient shin bone was almost 3 feet long.

All of this, then, points to an early race of great stature 
before the Micronesian and Polynesian people arrived. A race 
of giants.


Whatever happened to them is a mystery.

But that's only one place in the world. Evidence of giants 
surfaces - it seems - almost everywhere. 

Do you have knowledge from your area of ancient giant 
remains - and better, can you lay your hands on a good, 
genuine photograph or two? If so, I may be interested. We 
are still searching for more well documented evidence. 
Please let me know.

Meanwhile I have published an ebook, "The Lost World of 

It contains almost 100 giant discoveries and reports, with a 
few pictures. If you'd like to get it for yourself, here's 
where to go:

It's been great talking with you again.

Take care,

Jonathan Gray
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headwaters. The author has also led expeditions to 
the bottom of the sea and to remote mountain and
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