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Re: Have Open Discussions

Jul 28, 2004 11:27 AM
by arielaretziel

Dallas wrote:

you offer some statements and quotations by HPB, but where are
> the "source references -- pages, or names of relevant articles" to 
> and discover the nature of the historical context in which they 
were made?
> If you can help us in this important matter, we all will be glad to 
> them in reference to such other quotes as you find appropriate. I 
note HPB
> died in May 1891, this was from her pen but not edited by her. (A 
fact is
> that it was published over a year after her death. This, of course, 
may have
> no significance. But later on, some of her writings, issued 
> were "edited by someone" and we may assume that HPB did NOT review 
them for
> final publication -- this is only a note of caution for students.)> 

The quotes are from a posthumousley published article

"Literary Jottings on Criticism, Authorities, and Other Matters" 
which can be found on Pg.9 of Volume 11 LUCIFER dated September 1892

> "Mutual criticism is a most healthy policy, and helps to establish 
> final and definate rules in life - practical, not merely 
> theoretical." - HPB [WHERE, WHEN ? PAGE, ARTICLE ?]
> "Criticism is the sole salvation from intellectual stagnation. It 
> the beneficient goad which stimulates to action the heavy ruminants 
> called Routine and Prejudice..." - HPB	[WHERE, WHEN ? 
Page? ]

I don't think there is an online version of this article, but perhaps 
someone like Daniel Caldwell or some librarian has a copy and can 
verify those quotes and the one on authority. It can also be ordered 

Even though it was published posthumousley, I think it does reflect 
her thoughts on the matter. Though I admit that at this time she was 
no longer editor of the magazine.


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