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RE: Have Open Discussions on Groups

Jul 27, 2004 05:41 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

July 27 2004

Dear Friends:

Open discussion?

On what subjects and for what purpose?

May I say that (for me) it is pointless to consider anyone's writings
without samples or quotes.

To offer and expose your general opinion concerning them is good. But why?

Now can the opinions you offer be made evident, and can we escape
generalities, and unsupported opinions? 

What are we actually discussing?

Brotherhood is at the root of all things, agreed. But what kind of

It is needed for any true progress. Good. How does it compare with Soul

What about the idea of an eternal pilgrimage towards the acquisition of
WISDOM? Who is on this journey? Do we participate? 

Is it possible to agree we all take personal as well as conjoint
responsibility taken for one's thoughts, feelings, words and deeds?

Reincarnation? Karma?

What is the expanse of evolution? Where is it taking place? How is it
conducted? Who are the actors and "players" on that scene?

Now Why, How, When, Where, and Who are valuable questions to be asked and
answered. I believe they ought to form part of our own process of

Why are restrictions dangerous? In what context?

Why criticize without exact evidence?

Best wishes,



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From: arielaretziel [
Subject: Have Open Discussions on Groups

Dear Pedro and Dallas,

I think the more important point is whether one can openly discuss 
Leadbeater in an open forum or whether a moderator should censor 
anything that disagrees with his own view point. This seems to bother 
me more.

I think in the cause of Universal Brotherhood and our dedication as 
theosophists for truth that Ananda Gholap should open up his 
Theosophical group to discussion without censor. If there is no open 
discussion, what is the point in having a "discussion" group? Is 
there only one right answer and that being yours? It's your group and 
you can do whatever you want, but really, it's not fair to invite us 
to join and then tell us to "shut up!" 


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