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Re: Theos-World Thanks to Everyone who Commented on our Webpage

Apr 10, 2004 02:33 AM
by Compiler

Hi Daniel (and everyone else with theosophical web sites),

Since this may be an important subject for each of us with theosophical
web sites to consider, I want to share these ideas with you folks just
in case all or some of you haven't yet considered the various

I've been thinking lately about what might or could happen to my web site if I died tomorrow and I hadn't already made
arrangements with THE THEOSOPHY COMPANY, the publisher of all the
articles on my site, or with some other theosophist or theosophical
organization. I could be wrong, but I was thinking about a worst case
scenario such as what would happen to it if all of a sudden my host
provider for the site stopped getting paid. Would this commercial
company after a few months of non-payment, and no one to call or write
to in order to let them know this, so that they could either continue to
pay the bills and keep it running, or pay the back bills and then
somehow technically make the arrangements to move all of the contents to
their own site and host provider, simply delete all of the contents and
shut it down so that no one had any more access to the articles and
ideas on it?

Because of this I recently called THE THEOSOPHY COMPANY and began a
discussion about how to go about making sure that all of the articles on
my web site get to be owned, used, and presented to
humanity by them if I suddenly died.

Daniel, I just wanted to share this with you and others, as food for
thought and for whatever it may be worth, in order to make sure that
none of the very important contents of our various theosophical web
sites disappear off the face of the earth shortly after we die and move
on because we hadn't made any arrangements to make sure this doesn't


John DeSantis

"Daniel H. Caldwell" wrote:

> Thanks to everyone who commented on our webpage
> at:
> or
> To Morten:
> I will reply to some of your suggestions
> in the next day or so.
> Daniel
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