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re Leon and HPB and Theosophy and ...

Apr 07, 2004 07:44 AM
by Mauri

Leon wrote, in part: <<... HPB gave out theosophy as a "synthesis of science, religion and philosophy" and tied that path of "knowledge" together with the heart doctrine of the Voice of the Silence which pointed out the inner path of meditation leading to true wisdom ... >>

She seems to have been one of the most ambitious people there ever were ... Seems to me as if she wanted to have her cake and, at the same time, wanted it in the fridge, in that she admitted she was offering an "exoteric version," didn't she ... so that, in effect, seems to me she was keeping the "esoteric version" (as it were) in the fridge (in as much as it could not be exoterized, or consumed exoterically or "normally" or dualistically) while offering the "exoteric version" as if it were the real cake that people could really eat or make use of (ie, "applicably enough," as it were) ... That, seems to be, spells ambition of a kind that, to me, seems very interesting, basically.


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