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RE: Theos-World Self control !

Feb 24, 2004 05:39 PM
by adelasie

Hello Raghu,

This topic, like all topics in occultism, is open to interpretation 
and can be seen from different points of view. I didn't read the post 
from Barry, that you mention, so don't know what his point was. 
Certainly the word "control" is the focus here. If by "control" we 
mean some rigid plan of action, particularly concerning outer 
behavior, ("I will never eat meat, I will never be angry, I will 
never..."), we will run into trouble. Never say never. We are all 
human and imperfect, and our first task is to learn to know who we 
are, strengths and weaknesses included. We need to learn to accept 
who we are, to love who we are. This lifetime is, after all, what 
karma has prepared for us to help us learn all we can learn in this 
personality. We learn through making mistakes, recognizing them, and 
finding ways to change such behavior. Self-control falls into this 
area. The more we know who we are, and can compare what we know with 
our ideals, with the principles of Unity of Life, Brotherhood, 
Compassion, Altruism, etc., the more we can see where we fall short 
and where we can improve. We learn to control our mindless, 
thoughtless behavior, and replace it with what we want to be and do. 
It is all a matter of consciousness, now much we are aware of how we 
conduct our lives and how much we are able to be the best person we 
can be, on purpose. It takes a long time, and it is very important 
to remember that there is no such thing as failure. As long as we 
keep trying, we are making progress. We need to be able to forgive 
ourselves before we can forgive others.

Does this speak to the issue?

Best wishes,

On 24 Feb 2004 at 10:18, Raghu K wrote:

> Hello Adelasie
> thanx a ton ! One of our pal, Barry Fallick stated that an attempt to
> control oneself is a form of violence by itself & is foreign to K's
> teachings. Can u throw some light on this ?
> My best
> Raghu Seshadri.

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