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Re: Theos-World Three Elements of Universe

Jan 11, 2004 05:03 AM
by maya world

Hi: My understanding is
The world is made up of God, maya and matter.Initially general God created maya, from maya came matter. All living beings come under matter with the exception their souls are linked to universal soul. All living beings have soul and this soul is linked to general Godís soul or universal soul.

-- JP

alden_parent <> wrote:

Hello everyone,

We know that "matter" and "anti-matter"
along with a third "dark matter" (funny energy) 
are in the universes. I would say that the dark
matter perhaps had an effect on the other two not
cancelling each other out after the " Big Bang".
I would also think that dark matter is perhaps
also the origin of the spiritual/metaphysical
in those universes, assuming it was already in
existence: Or is it too as a result of the "Bang"?

What do you think anyone? (Leon) ? Scientist!


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