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Re: Theos-World Re: re Jesus, Pistis Sophia, "garment"

Oct 29, 2003 09:31 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hallo everyone,

My views are:

A few philosophical words:
Philosophy that cannot be understood, in scriptures that are not
practiced - the present world has plenty of these - it is a waste to
talk of them.

The Teacher and the taught together produce the teachings.

Wisdom is better than wealth. You have to look after wealth.
Wisdom looks after you.

Theosophy is truth without form.
And what is truth ?

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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Subject: Theos-World Re: re Jesus, Pistis Sophia, "garment"

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> > In the old Testament
> > there is a
> > of a son named Benjamin about how he traded his "Coat of Many
> Colors" for
> > a bowl of porriage.
> Joseph's coat of many colors is obviously a metaphor for the human
> aura.
> As for the basis of my earlier statement that the "garment"
> esoterically represented the ethereal body which "clothes" the soul,
> Origen says that "after His resurrection, [Jesus] existed in a body
> intermediate, as it were, between the grossness of that which He had
> before His sufferings, and the appearance of a soul uncovered by such
> a body." (Origen, Contra Celsum, ii, lxii.) The legends make it
> clear these post mortem sightings were wraiths, a fact which was
> later obfuscated to counter the docetist heresy. This is why we find
> absurd stories of Jesus eating boiled fish after his death, something
> which a ghost clearly would not do. In making these statements,
> Origen is merely paraphrasing from Paul, who said:
> "We do groan in this tabernacle of our earthly body, earnestly
> desiring to be clothed upon with the vesture which is from heaven,
> that having been unclothed, we shall not be found naked." (2
> Corinthians 5:1-4.)
> The KJV translation obfuscates the meaning, as it tends to do when
> something esoteric is being discussed. I have therefore used the
> rendering in Thelwall's translation of Tertullian, Against Marcion,
> v, xii.
> There are also no good books on esoteric Christianity, meaning you
> have to go back to ancient sources. It is also helpful to know
> something about the Kabbalah, since the major ideas which were first
> put in writing publicly in the Jewish community in the thirteenth
> century can be clearly traced in ancient Christian documents written
> 1200 years earlier. This is true of the sephiroth, Adam Kadmon,
> etc., etc. This is of some historical interest since it shows that
> these ideas were NOT invented by Moses de Leon as some ignorant
> writers have asserted. It is also of use since when the medieval
> Kabbalists veiled what they were trying to say the ancient Christians
> frequently wrote plainly and vice versa. So most of the secret
> teachings can be recovered with some effort.
> Lots of luck trying to read the Pistis Sophia if you do not yet have
> a background in this study. Mead is not much help since he had
> almost zero insight.
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