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RE: Theos-World RE: Value of W Q JUDGE and HPB -- Tony versus Reed on "The Voice of the Silence"

Oct 08, 2003 02:10 AM
by W. Dallas TenBreoeck

Oct 7 2003

Dear Morten:

I know some of the Indian languages, Hindi, etc., and picked up a little
Sanskrit, Urdu, and Persian, no study of Arabic.

Since you introduced the word "Baraka" I wanted to know more about it.

As to the two approaches to sacred texts: 

Here is what I understand so far:

The VOICE OF THE SILENCE gives details, and I think we al need to pay
attention to them, ach in our own way.

1. The "form" in which they were recorded or printed, or drawn, or even
sounded and chanted physically -- is said to be the lowest of all. Or
the "doctrine of the Eye." And

2 The "causal" or, that which may be either psychical or spiritual.
Of these two, we know little that is definite about these, since our
instrumentality on those planes is under development, and, it would seem
we are cautioned to be careful there. We need to learn how to detect
impulses that arise from those two principles and pay particular
attention to "intuitions? And "the Voice of Conscience.

If psychical, then there will be opinions and differences -- sentiment
and guess work. This has to be changed into certainty.

If spiritual, there is only one interpretation: the "doctrine of the
Heart." That is cooperation and brotherhood in all matters of action we
might generate. For instance a sage said to his pupil" Perform all
your actins because they are necessary, and do not look to results." --
Krishna to Arjuna in BHAGAVAD GITA.

All of these presentations have effects. But where and on whom?

Each one of us has to determine this for themselves. This appears to be
our present lesson and learning experience.

Theosophical texts if carefully sifted reveal here and there, methods we
can check and possibly employ. But we ought to first familiarize
ourselves with the FUNDAMENTALS -- just as we would in the study of a
science. And in all those we find that mathematics, as a method of
measure and recording, is basic. Even the most recondite measurements of
time, space and motion in science are based on simple arithmetic.

Theosophy offers that arithmetic. What is novel? It includes the MORAL
EFFECTS of every action and that relates to our interior MOTIVES.  

It declares that we are held responsible by Universal Nature (the DEITY,
if you please, by whatever name) for the effects that arise from our
acts, speech, thoughts, feelings, etc... THIS IS OF PRIMARY
IMPORTANCE.. There is no escaping the results of anything we choose to

It says that 

1.	all acts (thought, feeling, speech, action) affects our form
(physical body) and other forms and centers of Force (Monads) all around

2.	This effect is immediately made by Nature's laws into Karma.  

3.	All Karma is shared around. Our particular kind returns to us.

4.	We constitute ourselves, by our motives, into centres of harmony
or of disturbance.  

As Monads that think, we are free to do this. But we live in a Universe
of LAW and of RIGID JUSTICE. Karma is designed to draw our attention to
this by returning to us (like an echo) all the effects we generate. We
have to experience them ourselves.

5.	The decree of the Universe is that there should be harmony
universal, and no infringing on the rights and privileges of others
without their consent --- in other words that is BROTHERHOOD (in
thought, feeling, word and deed).

6.	The Monad is a spiritual entity that unites three basic

Each Monad, every atom (and sub-atomic forces and powers), and each
molecule is a Mind in evolution. It may be sub-conscious, partially
conscious or fully conscious (of all other Monads and the Universe and
its LAWS.).

7.	Consciousness and intelligence are universal faculties.  

The level of their development indicates the level of Monadic progress.

Monads are eternal and indestructible. They are SPIRITUAL ENTITIES.
Interiorly we are Monads, and as a group (humanity, we are half way
though our curriculum.

Since they are basic they destroy the personal sense of difference

What is basic to the study of our Universe, our World and Ourselves?

In the SECRET DOCTRINE pp 14 -19 we are given 3 basic ideas the pervade
the entire system. Without them there is NO system and the Universe is
chaotic. We have plenty of evidence that it is not so.

1.	The UNIVERSE is immeasurable and complete on many planes of
existence. These correlate and are entirely cooperative.

2.	Every aspect of life in the Universe and it itself is ruled by
rigid LAWS.

3.	The Universe consists of centres of Force and Energy. These
evolve in their individuality, and totality, in terms of intelligence
and consciousness

There are no exceptions to these facts. No "God" can interfere or
change these.

If you desire to inquire into Mr. Judge's bonafides, study what he wrote
and compare with what H P B wrote. I have posted elsewhere a few
examples of their correspondence.

Best wishes,



-----Original Message-----
From: Morten 
Sent: Tuesday, October 07, 2003 4:08 AM
Subject: Value of W Q JUDGE and HPB -- Tony versus Reed on "The Voice of
the Silence"

Hi Dallas and all of you,

1. Baraka is a word which has its origins along the following lines:

Spiritual activity has an impalpable element, called baraka, from which
the word 'barque'-a ship-is derived. This word means 'the Sub-
tlety,' and it cannot be shown to you."

Baraka is also called - "a beneficial power".
Baraka is the emanation of spiritual energies made by the Initiated
or writers of spiritual books. Certain books ar ebeing cared for by the
spiritual writer so much, that the writer are concerned about whether
spirituallly minded reader absorbs the text apropriately. I here talk
spiritually minded reader - who wants and needs guidance while reading

Did this help?
Anyway - why do you ask ?
Isn't it so if I am not mistaken, that you have told me, that you know
arab language ?

2. On the W. Q. Judge and Blavatsky relation

Yes. The were real pals. Good !
But they were also in disagreement from time to time - no doubt about
that !
I will suggest, that you look behind the Isis curtains Dallas.
I am not quoting here - I don't need to do that.
I am sure you can dig up some sparks of disagrement to quote from -
somewhere in your archives
if you really wanted to. (smile...)

And maybe W. Q. Judge - appearnt - hijacking of Blavatskys book The
Voice of
Silence was a spiritual good,
not know by the uninitiated.
The idea with it, was to ensure, that the fueling of the later spiritual
sparks who formulated the later offshoot branches of
Theosophy - was going in the proper direction.
Without W. Q. Judge's sort of fumbling with the Voice of Silence, there
would maybe never have been the later dicivision
of the Theosophical branches. The later break away from TS was another
of the plot. W. Q. Judge was in fact the one
who could be said to have started the creation of offshoot branches of
This has importance, when one are concerned with organisational

Try - if in need - to read my quote from the previous email again.
It is the example on what happens when a spiritual teacher and initiate
disappears - or physically dies.

Keep smiling...

It is the thoughts coming from the spiritual Heart of comapassion I am
interested in.

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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