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just some thoughts about g/Gods, religion, Theosophy, Zen, Buddhism, Leon's ABC's, etc

Apr 28, 2003 06:00 AM
by Mauri

Seems to me that life, karma and maya on this plane 
are intertwined, (or made the same, in a sense), with 
the result that, what seems like "reality" is, at the same 
time, in a sense, a realistic story that's sustained by 
karma, or sustained by the various preceding 
(collective/individualistic) stories or karmic effects. I 
tend to believe that when we dream we're exercising a 
kind of inherent, basic, creative freedom of thought re 
some chosen elements of our stories, (ie, whether or 
not our "waking selves" will consider having 
knowingly chosen those elements), so that we might 
deal with, or think about and asses topics that are, or 
might be in the background or relevant background of 
our story, or reality.

As I tend to see it, the Esoteric Tradition is all about 
exercising our inherent, basic freedom (a "freedom" 
that's apparently layered with karma/maya, in some 
"higher sense"?) in order to transcend the various 
realities of our various karmic/mayavic stories. 
Transcend where? I suspect that that "where" is not 
relevant in the sense that any "exoteric" explanation 
about that, no matter from whom, no matter how 
worded, tends to unavoidably become so much more 
story telling, or karma/maya, though "reading between 
the lines" of such exoterics may be helpful, or might 
be seen to have a "bridging effect toward esoterics." 
Apparently that creative "reading between the lines" 
of life has led to karmic/mayavic reality-stories (or 
"reality" stories?) about g/Gods, religions, Theosophy, 
Zen, Buddhism, Leon's ABC's, etc? Not that such 
stories can not be helpful, but/"but"... ?


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