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RE: Theos-World : Stilling the Mind and Concentration

Apr 16, 2003 04:48 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Dear Friend A---

I am going to ask your forgiveness in advance, as this small answer
became a large one and goes into metaphysics to illustrate a great
fundamental concept that seems to answer your question about the
origin of evil in a universe that started out totally PURE. Remember
that the ONE SPIRIT includes everything and the gamut of universality
will have to range from the evils of antagonism and vice to the
superlative conditions of ALL-WISDOM and an entire KNOWLEDGE OF
EVERYTHING -- a knowledge, that to be entire, will also have to
include a knowledge of evil and distortion.

Is it not strange that in our world we do not have the concept of
responsibility demonstrated in thought as well as in practice from a
young age? I don't mean by words but by actual practice at home --
children observe. And when they see that the actions of elders do not
tally with their words or maxims they think that dissimulation is
permitted or even normal. Is even boasted about by thoughtless elders
! And then, when they to mask their application of selfishness, use
untruths they are confounded by the accusation of being liars, and
disloyal to the family ! I have seen much of this over the years.

Now if we start out with the thesis that the Soul (Mind, Spirit) in
every child, or human, or even every "atom" -- or plant, or animal --
is an immortal LIFE, and uses many bodies, then a new respect for
living things is induced in the child mind.

Most of our approach is that Man is some kind of superior (though weak
willed) species.

Next. He is "made." He does not make himself, it is said. He has no
inducement or concept of evolution as a continuity -- or of death as
being merely a long sleep, followed by a reawakening in a refreshed

The idea of a supreme Power -- a "personal" GOD is installed. Man is
said to be overseen by this rather careless Deity -- who is whimsical,
who likes to be praised -- for allowing us to live. Who is not blamed
for any trials or tribulations to which we are subjected by his
whimsical will. Come what may we fear HIM -- and pray that we will
not be to harshly treated.

Somehow we know innately when we have done, or propose to do WRONG, or
GOOD. Why is that ? this remains unanswered logically so far to

The idea of omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence as attributes of
GOD answer the question as to why HE KNOWS ALL WE DO, THINK OR FEEL.
But then why "confession?"

We can't avoid having "desires." Those are the spark-plugs of life.
But we can regulate those and make them reasonable and cooperative --
generous and brotherly -- in regard to all other beings, family,
surroundings, etc...

We have to agree we are part of a vast community of living beings of
all kinds and we mutually support one another. Now if we are not
supported we have illnesses or accidents. But how do we get to be
placed in jeopardy?

Do we really think that even an omnipresent GOD has the time to
consider our pleas for forgiveness? Are those pleas honest? Or do we
think we are "fooling" GOD ? What really happens is that the local
priest learns about our peccadillos -- and keeps a record whereby he
ca "hold us in line."

And as to GOD paying attention to us, if HE doesn't, the priest says
it is his will -- as a supreme being -- to neglect us, or to help
us, in our extremity.

Quite a tyrant I would say -- at best whimsical and careless.

I am applying logic to the situation -- and being a part of the Divine
myself -- (if DIVINITY is truly UNIVERSAL) I am depicting a
paradoxical situation: A GOD who makes everything imperfectly and
then may not care for his creations. Nor does he accept
responsibility for the poor manner of thinking and feeling his
"creations" exhibit. Also he does not pay any special effort (through
his priests) to teach me and others to THINK.

The whole constructed view of GOD and his relations to MAN and the
rest of Nature, as I see it, is based on fear and our very real

Also, I see advantage is being taken of the average persons'
reluctance to THINK THINGS OUT. What kind of a sound basis is
available? Can we determine that ? Hermes the ancient pre-Jesus Sage
of Egypt said: MAN KNOW THYSELF. Are we taught to do that ? We ought
to recall that Jesus himself, while on exile to Egypt, studied with
the Egyptian sages. Wisdom as a universal tradition anteceded Jesus
and his special mission to try to reform the Jews.

We all ought to know a great deal more about the early history of His
Teachings, and then, rejecting interpretations, seek to apply them
directly as given. That would indeed change to worlds' outlook in
business, politics, family and neighbourhood interactions, and all
other relationships. A great deal of the evil force of SELFISHNESS
could be eliminated. That is why Theosophy is offered as a key to the
establishing of the NUCLEUS of a universal Brotherhood. It provides
the logic and the metaphysics to make this reasonable to the average
mind with a little effort to learn the real condition of the world and
the universe -- and how, from seeming disharmony unity and concord
arises in the MUSIC OF THE SPHERES as Pythagoras taught. a marvelous

As you know modern biblical scholars are paying a great more attention
to the history of the Bible and to What Jesus Said And Did. Jesus
came to reform the Jews --not the Gentiles -- who some 200 to 300
years later (as the "Church" developed) took up, and made of his
mission, and the recollection of his words written by his disciples, a
basis for what we now call "Christianity," in its various divisions,
dogmatic credos, and phases.

One of the first things we ought to teach children is to THINK. In
most cases our education has been stereotyped -- it is all rote and
memory that is emphasized, not the reasoning out of the propositions
advanced. Why be good? Why conceal evil under an appearance of
"goodness?" Why seek a personal, and selfish advantage over others?
Why not be honest and truthful? Why not trust others? What are
"good" and "bad" desires? How are 'virtues' and 'vices' described?
Are those descriptions fair and just? Why should we not be taught to
use them?

Yes, there is a GOD within each of us, or rather, figuratively, a
"Ray" of that "ONE UNIVERSAL SPIRIT" -- as GOD is at the basis of
everything we deal with. The whole UNIVERSE is embodied DEITY. The
whole of SPACE is GOD. Why should we think otherwise? Evil is not
isolated and focused in any "Devil." That is impossible in a world of
universal justice, fairness, balance and contrast.

Yes this concept we have of THE ONE SPIRIT, is of: universal purity,
p., 167 (top) is given an ancient verse which explains this. I will
try to reproduce the ideas there.]

It is said that the ONE SPIRIT desired t know itself. So it emanated
from a portion of ITSELF a "mirror" in which it would reflect ITS MANY
POWERS AND QUALITIES -- I fund that infinity alone could express these
and INFINITY was itself. The "Mirror" therefore was that "pole of
spirit" which appears to be limited, but in reality it is as pure and
as vast in its potentiality as SPIRIT THE ONE SELF. Thus the
UNIVERSAL Monad consisting of two "poles" sprang into being. And the
UNIVERSE is symbolized by an EGG -- an ovoid with two poles. But this
was insufficient in actual practice, as a third factor was needed to
serve as interpreter between the two extremes. Thus MIND -- the
UNIVERSAL MIND -- MAHAT -- that uses all the material aspect as a
"brain," simultaneously arose. The UNIVERSAL Monad is thus in logic
and metaphysics a Divine imperishable Triad -- SPIRIT - MATTER - MIND.
It is this that is called, collectively, the "Reincarnating Ego."

Since the objective of the ONE SPIRIT: "TO KNOW MYSELF" demands the
"mirror" of matter (the paradox of: unlimited form "limitations", and
a MIND that is capable of independently understand the totality of
their experience, the need for a progressive development of
SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS arose in each Monad. this produced "EVOLUTION."
We are in the midst of this. [see S D II 167 -top]

We, "human Monads" are able to embrace with our minds, at will, the
infinitudes of both Spirit and Matter, and reconcile them. Thus great
CHOHANS -- each and every one of them, EVOLVE THEMSELVES by mind
effort, impersonally and universally. Their task becomes the one that
may be called the "tutor" and they take up residence in every Monad
that evolves as the HIGHER SELF ( a "ray" of ATMAN -- the ONE

Aggregating around each such Mind-Monad are the "skandhas," or the
"Monads of lesser experience." [They emanated from the "Monadic
Essence," later than we.] This Tutor aspect of the HIGHER SELF, is
one we can probe interiorly in ourselves. The ignorance and lack of
perception, the involvement in impulse and desire, by the embodied
mind, and its assistants, the "Monads of lesser experience," can be
seen in our lower selves (Personalities) as " Kama-Manas" -- or, the
"embodied mind" wrapped in desires, passions, urges and impulses --
all unregulated.

The Higher Mind ( Buddhi-Mans) has the capacity of standing aside
independent of the Kama-Manas, and evaluating it in terms of universal
TRUE. One of its capacities is to view the imaginings of the Lower
mind and try to trace their future results, if allowed to proceed.
This process in each of us, is called the growth of discrimination and
becomes ever more acute, as we add into the panorama of consideration
more of the factors, such as the universality of Law is true, and the
fact that VIRTUE is the ONLY true expression of the ONE UNIVERSAL LAW.
Justice and mercy are not opposed but complement each other.

If we truly "forgive ourselves," then in such a preview we employ
abstaining from evil-doing as the merciful aspect of true WISDOM.

Is Matter not also a part of GOD? Then why, and what is it in us,
that serves as an ADVERSARY -- a critic of GOD ?

These are all questions that Theosophical philosophy considers, and
seeks to discover if in the past and present there are individuals who
have thought along these lines. Where are these Master-SOULS who have
resolved to find and then to prove to themselves the mystery of this

If there is a struggle it is because of the contrast between the
ILLIMITABLE and the limitations of FORMS ( matter). But even "matter"
consists of conjoined minute particles of the Monad = SPIRIT/MATTER
inseparable. This is perceived by the 3rd "immortal" -- the MIND.
Intelligence is then a triple effort -- SPIRIT + MATTER + MIND.
Together they form in the process of development a power a force that
is always alive and eternally individual. This is the "Eternal
Pilgrim." It proceeds as a wise "tutor' to live with other Monads who
are late-comers and have less experience -- to try to get them to
think and see themselves as IMMORTALS. Potentially able to do
anything. The DIVINE PURITY takes a lower position, then in order to
teach. The wise Teacher in a School reduces his wisdom to the level
of the children he teaches, and encourages them to advance and
struggle and learn everything they can. [ see SECRET DOCTRINE II p.

Fundamentally then, and practically, it is our human task to make the
"good" and "virtue" a part of our daily lives -- and demonstrate their
superiority over selfishness, deceit and evil.

Only thus do we raise our own "embodied souls" to greatness This mis
not a path that is easy and without many bumps -- as we always have
some debts to settle from our errors of the past. But we have many
lives in which to do this and to try to help others.

I do hope that this may be found to answer your questions, if not,
them please come again.

Best wishes,



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From: Andra
Sent:	Wednesday, April 16, 2003 11:30 AM
Subject: Re: Stilling the Mind and Concentration

Dear Dallas,

Your explanation and guidance were very helpful. To apply this
of restitution will be life changing for souls that see its wisdom.

I will try to find the book on The Light of Asia. I am a little
with the concept of Buddhism. It is the desire to have and the desire
to be
that is responsible for Karma. One must be desireless. Meher Baba has
awakened his lovers to this concept. Whatever you can find that can
light that transforms unconsciousness into the light of consciousness,
will be grateful for.

In a sense, living a more conscious life allows one to move through
soul's experience in a way that can benefit other souls, if one can
to the guidance within. At the same time, it also allows the soul to
see the
wounds that the current personality has caused. It becomes a
experience with the ebb and flow of enlightenment working to allow the
to grow.

Often, you have spoken of the soul being eternal and the

How is it then that the soul of the One, being," the perfection of
love, harmony and beauty, that One united with all the illuminated
the embodiment of the Master, the spirit of guidance" allows the
to err?

Yes, I understand that there is evolvement that is taking place; but
I guess that I don't understand why that Perfection of the God force
is not
continually being manifested if its origin is so pure.

The magnificence of such a spiritual force in this plane of
must be very great indeed to allow souls the freedom to grow according
their readiness.

Regarding the stillness of the mind, I understand that if one can
the mind that one can raise the consciousness of others just by being
their very presence. One also is more available to the guidance
within, if
the mind is stilled.

Does this then mean that the love, harmony and beauty
within the soul will then have an avenue to blossom and come forth
the personality? How does concentration play a part in controlling the
to be a proper vehicle for love and light to be manifested?

If there is so much goodness within, surely there must be a way of
manifesting it continually using the current personality as a vehicle
blessing. How can concentration bring this about?



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