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Re: Theos-World (unknown)

Apr 09, 2003 02:50 PM
by leonmaurer


Warm hello and welcome. 

What are you interested in talking about? 

Besides everything else theosophy has to say, some are interested in the 
correlation's and confirmations of its metaphysics from a scientific point of 
view. Others are interested in other aspects, from spirit to matter, study 
and practice, and everything else in between. 

As the wisdom of the ages, theosophy can be a shallow beach or a deep ocean. 
It's your choice how far you want to wade or swim out into. Listen. Study. 
Take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Doubt everyone. Ask 
questions. Follow good advice.

Best wishes,

In a message dated 04/08/03 12:29:33 PM, writes:

>Thank you for allowing me to share with Theos-talk for the very first time
>Iam pleased about this. To start all things off correctly someone please
>share with me that they would be willing to communicate with me by saying
>a warm hello and welcome. .After that I will have a better feel for 
>thank you for this oppurtunity.Most sincerly Steve Reasoner St.Louis,Mo

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