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Mar 23, 2002 11:32 PM
by bri_mue

Further regarding your claims about Krishnamurti pls send us some 
quotes where Krishnamurti mentioned "reincarnation" using this word.


Bri.--- In theos-talk@y..., ramadoss <ramadoss@g...> wrote:
> Dallas:
> From antiquity, the dictum has been "Man Know Thyself" and no one 
has come 
> up with anything better.
> Until such time anyone of us is able to say "I Know Myself", all we 
can do 
> is to consider various pieces information as working hypothesis, 
because I 
> do not think we can take a "pill" and instantly and miraculously 
> Ourselves (If anyone can find one, we can make a lot of money and 
have many 
> of the things money can buy!!!!). And we, in my opinion, is in the 
> position like the blind men trying to understand and figure out the 
> As I mentioned some time ago, when I talked to a group in the local 
> about the Eastern beliefs of reincarnation and karma, I explained 
to them 
> that the principle behind is that each of us is ultimately 
responsible for 
> everything we initiate and accounts have to be balanced sooner or 
> And this sounded very reasonable to the audience, since in day to 
day life, 
> it is very common to find people to pass on the blame to someone 
else -- an 
> easy thing to do and make us feel good and make us look good in the 
eyes of 
> others.
> My 0.02.
> mkr
> At 04:35 AM 3/23/02 -0800, dalval14@e... wrote:
> >Each individual is for himself his own authority. We cannot
> >delegate the ultimate responsibility of choice to any one, nor
> >can we blame any one if we adopt another's program or views.

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