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Re: Re to Brigitte on Scrying

Jan 02, 2002 11:02 AM
by bri_mue

Thank you.

Reg."the very thing that Blavatsky, in other parts of her writings, 
warns readers against."

Yes that's correct. Blavatsky has been constantly re-inventing 

Is there anything more that can be said about Blavatsky's own 
esoteric/spiritual evolution and what can be observed about the inner 
workings she applied troughout her life ?
--- In theos-talk@y..., "Gerald Schueler" <gschueler@e...> wrote:
> Brigitte,
> Did you want a para-by-para analysis or just general comments? The 
business, for example, of "every temple has a dark room ..." is 
bullshit given out to
> attract the unwary and ignorant. And "the astral light is collected 
in a cup by willpower" is pure poetry because the astral light is not 
a physical
> substance that one can gather and place anywhere.
> After years of study and practice, one will come to be able to see 
through these kinds of outer trimmings and poetical fancies, and see 
what is really going on. Most of the mirror and crystal gazing 
descriptions are the very thing that Blavatsky, in other parts of her 
writings, warns readers against.
> The mirror and crystal (and water sometimes) are simply devices 
used to allow the mind to imagine, to form mental images, and it is 
one's own
> magical imagination that does the scrying - the trick is to be able 
to distinguish between detailed kama-manas descriptions (which are 
usually mental projections and not what is really going on) and less-
detailed buddhi-manas descriptions.
> Steve's final observation, that mirrors and such can actually work, 
is quite correct - they CAN, but probably the images seen will just 
be projections by
> the scrier. I think that the work done by Dee and Kelly, for 
example, and some of the flying scroll work of the original Golden 
Dawn, ranks up there
> with examples of true scrying.
> Jerry S.
> ***************************
> In reference to earlier postings
> Steve presented some (I think revolutionary) quotes from among 
others the "Mahatma Letters" indicating their familiarity with 
P.B.Randolp`s book
> SEERSHIP. Knowing you probably dealt with the subject "scrying" 
during your John Dee books research , including its later forms in 
modern esoteric movements (Crowley ?), plus its modern versions in 
the humanistic psychology off shoots, could you pls comment on this :
> And how you see it can make us understand Blavatsky,s inner 
workings, plus
> occult/spiritual evolution, more ?
> Thank you,
> Brigitte
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