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The genesis of the Master Letters.

Nov 26, 2001 05:08 AM
by bri_mue

Daniel: "". . . If the Hiraf document [an article by HPB] and . . . 
book] Isis [Unveiled] mention India and some oriental terms, they 
didn't have to be authentic Sout[h] Asian . . . or 
have . . . 'oriental Masters' living in Tibet involved . . . ."

Brigitte: Does this excerpt come from, a mail on theos-talk, where 
the current discussion takes place ?

Brigitte: Reg. my mail "The genesis of the Master Letters."
Daniel stages exactly, word for word, the same attack as before, 
but again doesn't answer my mail as such.
Instead of answerring my mail as a whole , as for example Jerry has 
done with a much longer mail from me, and others do also, Daniel 
simple refuses and circumvents the issues as awhole.
by bringing as an excuse the Tillet/French case again wich hass 
notting to do with the discussions about Blavatsky and the Master 
letters wich is debated here.
And the tiny bit Daniel does nible on for a moment is presented ina 
distorted way mentioning he will "maybe" write "more" in the year 
2002 ! 
And then he gives the same kind of answer as Frank Reitemeyer when 
he mentioned that: "The US FM were degenerated even in 1873-
5 when HPB tried toreform it,and that HPB was fighting in London and 
from the FM Europe map Steiner published were the war aims of WW I 
were "foreseen". and "Didn't HPB warn the public about the Rothschild 
conspiracy?" . 
Who then wrote" can be read from her BCW, Isis & SD and ODL ." 

The same trick Daniel uses now however by writing "Better yet, 
don't trust the statements Brigitte writes but go to the source 
material yourself and grapple with the material".
( However Daniel will seldom recommend book by good Theosophical 
historians like Deveney, Godwin, and so on)

Again most (look at the length of the mails Steve answers on a 
daily basis) others answer mails the same day, Daniel promishes 
to "maybe" answer it in a year or so.
Yet at the same time stages a fierce attack.


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