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Re: Theos-World Publications

Jul 22, 2001 02:54 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>Having said that, from the point of view of a student of theosophy -- one
>who is an inquirer and searcher after truth, what is important is - Is the
>material that is published is helpful to the reader; or is it just PR and
>beating one's own drum - every issue containing the picture of a top or
>influential person and where he/she travelled, what food he/she ate, what

When I read the ULT magazine I get every time the impression as if it is a
PR booklet. I never find any news about brand new theosophical books
(because they are published by hostile Theosophists), about historical
documents and events (because they make hostile Theosophists looking good),

When Dallas argues: ULT cancels all true historical research from its
publication, because they want not deal with divorcing personal things, then
I come to the opposite conclusion, that they hide away this information to
their simple members just because the hostile Theosophists may then regarded
as fair people.
It it would be true that ULT is not biased and personal things doesn't
matter for them, then it would be their self-evident DUTY to print material
which is contradict to their present view.
So long as information flow from above to below is blocked and ULT member
need to inform themselves via friends, Internet etc., and being not informed
from their own magazine I cannot belive that the ULT is free, unbiased,
interested in truth. Perhaps the ULT should read a little bit of
Krishnamurti. Radha onces said very well that K was "our" (Adyar's) best
medicine. Perhaps this medicine can heal also others.

When the ULT changes their actual policy (note, I do not mean rewrite their
PR or rewrite their declaration) and drops all personal quarrels and admits
that they are want to see the naked truth only and therefor open their
columns for that, then I will be the first one who shouts out that the ULT
is a good model. OTOH, life experience shows, that this will never happen.

History repeats always itsself. A great teacher comes and brings the truth
from the fountain-source. The pupils listen and try to understand. They
intermix many things with their own imaginations and projections. They
misunderstand. They launch their organizations and attract people. And since
the whole teaching is too big for them, they cut the teachings into little
pieces. As time goes by, more and more pieces are getting lost, they see
only their pet pieces. Then crystallization and dogmatism begins. The fellow
students which have other pieces are condemned, perhaps persecuted, at least
The end is a fanatical sect, each one believing they are true to the
original program. Then it is time for a new messenger to come and the great
ones try to instruct humankind anew. Isdn#t it a silly game?

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