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Theos-World Theosophy and Internet

Aug 01, 2000 07:49 AM
by ramadoss


The writer is on target in his/her observations. It appears that we may be
into a new systemic approach based on a network kind of concept --
individuals self-motivated to study and live theosophy -- rather than the
hierarchical approach and the control aspect that goes with it.

The control aspect may be exercisable if the Guru - Sishya type of model is
voluntarily accepted by the Sishyas. I think we are in a for radical global
changes in our life time and It would be interesting to watch how events
unfold in the future.

One aspect I would like to add is that Internet is going to aid in more
openness and better dissemination of organizational information and
developments world wide. (We have already this happening.)

More light will be thrown on the on going organisational matters and also
what happens in any country is likely to be broadcast world wide. In  the
past, due to geographical and language reasons, organizations were able to
contain any matter which would be viewed negatively reflecting on the
organization. And there is no easy solution to this aspect since the genie
is out of the bottle and we have live with it.



In TW#50 the following quotes are of some interesting observations in
pages 1-2.]

"Computers have an unprecedented capacity to reach out and touch
people wherever they are in the world. The Internet, with all
its faults, is an expression of the new Aquarian Age
consciousness, with its hallmarks of communication and

"How will the Internet affect world theosophy in
the next few years?"

"Already most of the theosophical classics by H.P. Blavatsky,
William Q. Judge and other major theosophical writers, are
available free of charge on the Internet at such sites as our own
Theosophical University Press Online."

"Computers will allow people to directly access information
without the intermediary of a formal theosophical organization
such as our Australasian Section." 

"This will create many difficulties for the established
Theosophical Societies in maintaining control over a particular
point of view about what theosophy is and how to approach the

"On the positive side, consider the Internet's emphasis on the
individual approaching the teachings rather than organizations."

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