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Re: Theos-World self-evident truths

Oct 17, 1999 05:17 AM
by WLR7D

Louis--Another way to understand our limitations is to look at the animals 
and plants.  A dog or dandelion not only cannot conceive of calculus for 
example, but doesn't even know to ask the question.  From their viewpoint, 
calculus does not exist. This does not deny that we are capable of such 
calculation.  So too are there. likely truths, realms, realities that lie 
outside our human capabilities.
How do we tap into the non-physical capabilities you say we have to discern 
the truths about reality?  If we do so can we then explain these truths to 
others?  Will the truths we thus discover coincide with those others discover 
by using the same process?
Thanks, Randy

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