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Re: Theos-World TS organizations today

Oct 10, 1999 05:47 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

From: Martin Leiderman <>> My reply:
>  Ugly words !!!!!  .....  Wherever TS group Frank R. belongs ... please
> me out. I want nothing to do with that organization. Inquisition is back.
> Fanaticism is back,  and by the help of the internet !!!!

TRUTH belongs to NO organization, whether its called esoterically or
theosophical or something else. Truth is a state of consciousness.
The last decades has shown that in the Theosophical Movement is something
Not at least this may be the reason why the Messenger for the last quarter
in the century didn't appeared among Theosophists, don't?
You say fighting for the truth among Theosophists and against lies and
hypocrisies is Inquisition.
So we hold totally contrary views about the term. The more when you are deny
the problems that there are really ARE (no matter how we judge or feel about
them) and therefore make uninformed, innocent people and newbees belief that
it is wrong to separate the technical teachings from the person who
represents this - than, my dear, you a praying Black Magic and not the pukka

The aim of the Dark Brothers is to make the students of the occult believe
that the wrong doings of persons (even if they are/where prominent
Theosophists) should to be laid aside - because they themselves are the
source of the evil doings and don't like to be disturbed in their
dissolution work.

Sad to see such a reply from anyone of this list. Theosophy is NOT
emotionalism and it seems you didn't got this point.
With this twisted attitude of your reply you, to be logical, leads to the
conclusion that you don't like to study HPB's works as they may, from your
point of view, full of attacks against many people and lack therefore, from
your twisted view, "fanatism" and "ugly words".

Your reply is most dangerous - as it results in the risk to narcotize the
minds of the newbees. Glass over things is not the path which makes the
occult student, but rather the development of discrimination.
The Black Magican catch their followers almost with the most holy words.
So every student seeking for truth cares not if the words are looking "bad"
or "ugly" (with which measure?), but for the inner motives behind them.
So our own words fall back to yourself.
It's really not too late to turn, as you said. Your choice.

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