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Re: RE: Trans-Persnal Psychology -- its coverage

Jan 31, 1999 08:26 PM
by Martin Leiderman

Peter Merriott wrote:

> Perhaps it was a mistake to mention Transpersonal Psychology on this list?
> My only intention was to point to some relatively new and hopeful
> developments in psychology in response to your earlier comments, namely:

Peter, I think you did a great service to this list in pointing out the
development of the T.P.
I thing is important for some of the theosophists to become aware of what is
going on in the world of science, religion and arts. To be on that 'watch

In the SD, I, 612 reads:

 "... and one by one facts and processes in Nature's workshop are permitted to
find their way into the exact Sciences, while mysterious help is given to rare
individuals in unravelling its arcana."

For sure, us theosophists are not doing to much 'unravelling its arcana'
Most of us found in Theosophy an ethical system, a philosophy of life, and an
explanation of most processses of Nature. And 'living' it,  applying it,
sharing it, can keep us busy for several lifetimes.
And I think the Mahatmas are happy with our attitude.

But our dear Mahatmas are also busy promoting the cyclic Keynote to people,
societies, and nations, and  that Keynote manifests itself in the inspiration
certain  people get. I like to study that, and see how  Scientists, modern
Psychologists, religious people, and other provide theories, thought-forms,
and discoveries that elevate the 'theosophical' understanding of Humanity.

It is a beautiful world out there to experience, to live, to share, and to
But, Life is larger than books and theories. Life must be apprehended with our
Budhi with joy, Openness, and through Comparative Studies, Investigation of the
Occult, in Brotherhood to all and above all in Goodness (Plato) and Compassion

So brother Peter and others (including you Leon) it is important all views and
subjects inclusive in Theosophy. I have learnt so much in 100 email about
Tibetan religion and Devachan. I just don't have the time to study all. And few
email clarify a lot and provoke more questions.

Thanks to all,

Martin Leiderman

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