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Re: Oy vey

Jan 31, 1999 05:00 AM
by Alpha (Tony)

Dear Rich

Thanks for "Theos-World Oy vey."

You may find the following of interest. It may already be well known to you.

"The following are some of the rules which may help an enquirer in ferreting
out the deep significance of the ancient Sanskrit nomenclature used in the
old Aryan myths and allegories:-

1. Find out the synonyms of the word used which have other meanings.

2. Find out the numerical value of the letters composing the word according
to the methods given in ancient Tantrik works.

3. Examine the ancient myths or allegories, if there are any, which have any
special connection with the word in question.

4. Permute the different syllables composing the word and examine the new
combinations that will thus be formed and their meanings. &c. &c."
(Subba Row: "The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac")

He then goes on to apply some of the above given rules to the names of the
twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Best wishes


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