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RE: RE: Trans-Persnal Psychology -- its coverage == Antiquity of Man -- Modern evidence needed

Jan 30, 1999 08:31 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Jan 30

Dallas offers:

It all depends on the aspects of Theosophy that students choose
to employ in their attempt at seeing the philosophy of Theosophy.
If they omit some thing they get lop-sided results, and usually
are back from their starting point - and frustrated.

Karma is absolutely foundational.  We would not be here unless it
was operating as THE GREAT BREATH.  It starts and stops all
evolution.  Bur, why do we have evolution at all.  Why are we
here ?  Where are we ultimately going ?

That it operates minutely throughout nature implies the
prevalence of the ONE SPIRIT in everything as a fact.  - hence in
humanity:  brotherhood is enjoined as a practice.  Also
benevolence in all possible cases.  And the responsibility for
self-restraint, and harmlessness
( as Gandhi applied it for himself and spoke of it to others).

If the Universe is a harmony of diverse units then that which
unites them is the concept of interdependence and the recognition
of cooperation.  This is among humans with Minds and the power to
reason and observe.  In lower aspects of Nature the rule operates
under "Natural Impulse."

Our human problem is the sense of "I-ness" which distracts us
from a perception of universality and impartiality (although in
"Law" this is what is recognized and attempted to be written.

Setting these ideas aside leads one too lop-sided conclusions -
which  are certainly not Theosophical.  I keep on saying that the
whole of the Theosophical doctrine has to be grasped and applied.
If we try to select and use what we 0lease we get insecure and
fragmentary results that are not true.  Hence frustration.

The philosophy of current materialism in science and thought and
psychology is so frustrating because no one is able to put their
finger on the CAUSES.  They all record effects.  Theosophy aims
at the causes

Hope this is of some help


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