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RE: RE: Trans-Persnal Psychology -- its coverage == Antiquity of Man -- Modern evidence needed

Jan 30, 1999 04:54 PM
by Peter Merriott

Hi Tony,

You wrote:

> It seems particularly odd that it is reincarnation and the Law of
> Karma left 'on the side,' as they are amongst the most fundamental basics
> Theosophy.

Yes, I agree.  Fortunately they are not entirely "left on the side".  For
there are a number of people working in various areas of the field of
Transpersonal Psychology who use these principles to inform there
understanding and approach.  I guess the difficulty for people trained in
the Human Sciences is that while they may hold a personal belief that Karma
and reincarnation are realities it is very difficult for them to demonstrate
this to others on an empirical basis.

While I find the ommision frustrating, I try to look on the positive side.
We must bear in mind that traditional psychology as developped in the west
is really a psychology without a Soul.   So these new developments, of
affirming and validating the spiritual nature of humankind, really are a
tremendous breakthrough in that field.  I think it is important to encourage
these new buds of growth emerging out of quite a materialistic ground, with
the hope that more and more growth and development will occur as time goes
on and as its roots grow stronger and spread.

> Does psychology in the East, where reincarnation and Karma are part of the
> culture, differ from psychology in the West?

That's an interesting question, Tony.  I don't know the answer to that.
Perhaps someone else on the list does?  I imagine that modern psychology
practiced around the world is probably pretty similar.  I regularly come
across western writers who state that the psychology found in Buddhism is
far superior to that found in modern psychology.

Best wishes


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