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Re: RE: Trans-Persnal Psychology -- its coverage == Antiquity of Man -- Modern evidence needed, please

Jan 30, 1999 05:56 AM
by Alpha (Tony)

>Jan 28th 1999
Dear Dallas,

>Dear Tony:
>Many thanks - my brush with "Trans-personal Psychology" had only
>showed that they dealt more with the "psychic" [ Kama and Astral
>side ].  The really "SPIRITUAL" [ HIGHER-MANAS and BUDDHI ]
>remained to be identified.

Just to say it should be "Dear Peter," as it was he who wrote to you about
trans-personal psychology.  This has already been cleared up.

Thanks for your comments about:
"The Self is the Friend of Self and also Its Enemy"

"He should raise the [lower, embodied] self by the Self [the
imperishable Spirit/Soul],  let him not suffer the Self to be
lowered;  for Self {the Higher] is the friend of self [the
lower], and, in like manner, self [the lower] is its own enemy."

"friend" and "enemy" seen as "centrifugal" and "centripetal" offers
interesting thoughts, as does "The Sanskrit has this play on the double
meaning of *Atman*" (a footnote in Edwin Arnold's rendering of the

Did Andrew from Melbourne sufficiently answer your query about the
geological time periods?  It sounds an interesting study on this that you
are doing.   Have not read "FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGY" by CREMO and THOMPSON.
As you will know, a significant statement that HPB made in a footnote at the
beginning of vol. II of the SD, p.22fn:
"The teaching is offered as it is understood; and as there are seven keys of
interpretation to every symbol and allegory, that which may not fit a
meaning, say from the psychological or astronomical aspect, will be found
quite correct from the physical or metaphysical."  This seems as relavent
here as everywhere else.  Particularly as numbers play an important part in
psychology, astronomy, the physical, the metaphysical . . . . archaeology,
etc.  How the platonic solids relate to nature, and similarly, to the
lengths of the yugas, etc., and thus numbers (living entities).  Anyway
Dallas, will print those SD references off and at least start working
through them.  It is a good suggestion of yours, and a welcome change of
direction.  Thanks.

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