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Re:Theosophy and Activities

Jan 29, 1999 04:05 PM
by M K Ramadoss

When I responded earlier, I took the cue from the activities of the
Founders of TS as well as what one could glean from ML to APS as well as
some of the well known members.

When HPB and HSO settled down, they established a school for the
untouchables and also a sanskrit school. In addition HSO encouraged
indigenous arts and crafts at a time they were being taken over by British
Industrial revolution. The Indian National Congress was given birth to by a
group of members of TS after they met for the annual convention. INC was
instrumental in Indian Independence from England.

When Annie Besant came to India, she plunged into political and social
reform. She was one of the very few non-Indian's to be elected as the
President of INC. She fought for Indian Independence and was instrumental
in encouraging educational opportunities for women and had a great effect
on reducing child marriages. She was also instrumental in starting a chain
of locally funded schools and colleges all over India. It was during her
time that TS(Adyar) saw greatest growth.

When one reads ML to APS, one gets bits and pieces of information which
confirms that the Adepts were travelling in those days when travel was very
difficult and one cannot but come to the conclusion that they had some very
important business to transact and very likely the issues/problems they
were dealing with had significant impact on the nations and its their peoples.

So it is my opinion that I would rather take 100 acts to help our fellow
being and fail in 99 rather than miss that one single opportunity that may
bring a lot of good. I would rather act now with my limited knowledge
rather than wait for the time when I am an Adept when I will have implicit
immediate insight into everything so that I can launch upon right action to
help our fellow beings.

As for the various organizations that are there which are supposed to help,
I would rather not work thru them as each one of them have their
restrictions and one has to toe the line of the leaders.

Hope this gives a broad picture of where myreasoning is coming from.


At 12:59 PM 1/28/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>>>I do not think that Theosophy is "not" active/masculine. It has
>presented some basic principles and how actively or passively you
>implement it depends on oneself.>>
>Obviously, Doss, there are degrees to this kind of labeling. However, I
>think that if you look at it honestly, that on any given day you will
>find most Theosophists reading a book and most magicians doing a ritual
>for one purpose or another.
>..................mega clip.....................

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