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RE: Re: Distractions vs. ignorance (avidya)

Jan 29, 1999 05:49 AM
by Peter Merriott

Dear Daniel,

My own process of studying has been pretty much the same has your own and
Rich's, and I'm sure many others, by the sound of it - i.e., using HPB's
works as the core of one's studies, doing some backround work, then coming
back to the core again.  There are times when I feel I have wondered too far
off the original thread and have got too imersed in the background info and
lost sight of the core study.  I  imagine it is this which is Tony's
concern, but I think its just a question of balance.

You mention in your post that you uncovered 30 unpublished Mahatma Letters.
WOuld you tell us some more about this?

Best wishes,


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> Sent: 29 January 1999 04:07
> To:; Daniel Caldwell
> Subject: Re: Distractions vs. ignorance (avidya)
> Rich wrote:
> > I well
> > remember the first time I read the S.D., and I was swimming in
> Odin this,
> > Daiviprakriti that, Osiris and Prometheus and Buddha and Vasubandhu and
> > Shankaracharya and Kiu-Te coming out my ears.  Without the
> background reading
> > I've done on the topics HPB has mentioned, I wouldn't even be able to
> > understand why her writings are important, or really even what
> they're saying.
> > So yes, I think your option A is a very good one.  Read HPB,
> then read the
> > material she is discussing, and then go back and read her again.
> >
> > Have I written anything different in the last two months?  Honestly?
> Rich, I fully agree with your statement above.  When I first
> began reading and
> studying HPB's writings, I ran across literally hundreds of names
> and terms that
> meant little if anything to me.  I guess I could have ignored all of HPB's
> statements containing such terms and confined myself to the
> material that was
> fairly understandable at the time.  But I don't see how you can read and
> understand much of what HPB writes without doing background
> reading in order to
> fill in the gaps.  Not the gaps in HPB's comments. But the gaps
> in your own
> knowledge about many things HPB writes about.
> For example, years ago when I first read the Mahatma Letters, I
> read various
> references to the Red Caps and Yellow Caps and to Tsong-khapa,
> etc.  I did not
> know anything about what these terms meant.  Who was Tsong-khapa?
>  Yellow Caps?
> What was this all about?  etc etc.
> Or who was Stainton Moses or CC Massey?  I understood some of
> what the Mahatma KH
> was writing about but because I had no background on these two
> individuals, some
> of what the Mahatma said meant little or nothing to me.  But
> because I WANTED  to
> understand more fully KH's comments, I took the time and effort
> to dig up some
> biographical info, etc. on these two individuals.  As a result, I
> gained a fuller
> and more appreciative understanding of KH's words.  Some might call this a
> "distraction" but I wanted to understand KH's comments and I
> think my digging into
> background material has helped me to understand more fully KH's letters.
> Who is Suby Ram mentioned in the Mahatma Letters?  I was able to
> uncover that this
> person was a Radhasoami Master.  As a result I have come to a much greater
> understanding of a dozen related Theosophical issues and
> teachings.  Distraction
> some might say.  I would have to disagree.  I have gained much
> insight as a result
> of what Master M. wrote about Suby Ram and my digging into the
> background material
> about this person.
> Digging into background material aided me in discovering 30
> Mahatma Letters, most
> of which have never been published yet.  Digging into background
> material aided me
> in discovering a complete transcription of THE INNER GROUP
> was subsequently published by Point Loma Publications.
> I could give hundreds & hundreds of other examples.
> Daniel

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