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RE: RE: Trans-Persnal Psychology -- its coverage == Antiquity of Man -- Modern evidence needed, please

Jan 29, 1999 05:49 AM
by Peter Merriott

Dear Dallas,

Actually it was me, Peter, who made that post.

> Many thanks - my brush with "Trans-personal Psychology" had only
> showed that they dealt more with the "psychic" [ Kama and Astral
> side ].  The really "SPIRITUAL" [ HIGHER-MANAS and BUDDHI ]
> remained to be identified.

I'm sure that side of it also exists.  There is research being carried out
on 'altered states of consciousness' of many kinds which includes mystical,
transcendent, meditative and 'psychic' experiences.  "However, the larger
emphasis is on the spiritual nature of the individual and humanity, and how
this  encompasses our spiritual, psychological and physical nature.  The
major thrust in Transpersonal Psychology is thus more along the lines of how
we can use this understanding   to gain a better knowledge of human
development, for example  - developmental tasks in relation to overall
psycho-spiritual growth; interventions in psychological 'illnes'(so called);
working in psychotherapeutic settings with people traumatised by life
events, experiencing depression, hopelessness and despair, existential
crises etc.

> It is my opinion that the impersonal application of LAW - fair,
> just, impersonal and enormously sensitive - to all beings as to
> man's psyche was yet to be discussed scientifically
> (impartially) - as this has often been regarded as the field of
> ethics, morals and therefore "religious."
> Am I correct still on that ?

I'm not sure, to be honest.  I think there is a strong desire to understand
the funadamental principles (laws) upon which the human constitution and
life is based and the ethical issues that follow on from those 'priciples'.
But, what I have noticed is that while many individuals talk 'privately'
about reincarnation and the Law of Karma there is very little discussed on
these topics in academic / clinical forums and debates.  As a theosphist I
see that as a great ommision.  I also recognise that it is early days yet
for transpersonal psychology and in order to be establised and gain a firm
foothold in the world of Psychology it may well have to leave some things
'on the side' for the time being.

Best wishes,


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