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Re: RE: Astrology question

Jan 28, 1999 08:26 PM
by Leon Maurer

In a message dated 1/24/99 12:54:56 PM, writes:

>"The birth month indicates the day of opportunity. The door stands
>open. The particular month in which a soul comes into incarnation
>is indicated to that soul by the month in which it passed out
>of incarnation in a previous life cycle. If it, for instance, died in
>the month governed by the sign Leo, it will return into incarnation in
>the same sign, picking up the thread of experience where it left
>it, and starting with the same type of energy and the peculiar
>equipment with which it passed away from earth life, plus the gain
>of thought and conscious onlooking. The quality of the energy and
>the nature of the forces to be manipulated during life are indicated
>to the soul in this way."
>[P. 436, A Treatise on White Magic.]

Another school, dependent for its teachings on theosophical principles, says,
in effect, I think, that one's astrological sign of rebirth can be changed
only by changing our own nature during our lifetime.  If this is so, then it
would never depend on the sign under which we die, but on the choices we have
made based on what we have learned before we die.  It follows, then, that If
our natures hadn't been changed by what we learned, we would have to be reborn
under the same sign that we were born.  Think about the sudden death of a
child, whose "personality" (in contrast to the "higher Self" or individuality)
had not changed since birth... Or, think of ourselves dying while we were
experiencing a sudden "personality"-changing realization.   Wouldn't we,
thereafter, have plenty of time in Devachan to absorb that new knowledge and
choose our correct new astrological "sign" to be reborn under?

Theosophy holds; It's our actions that determine the "signs" in the "Heavens"
we are born under--not the other way around.  And, that we each make the trip
through countless reincarnations traveling from non-self, through separate-
self, to all SELF by our own self devised and self determined efforts.  And,
therefore, we owe no obeisance to any "powers" other than the ONE SELF.

The problem with Alice Bailey's (or DK's) "White Magic" is that it doesn't
enable or allow us to determine our own karma and, thereby, select for
ourselves the "signs" we are to be born under--but, leaves it to the "signs"
or powers in "heaven" to decide for us.  Is that why the "channeled" teachings
of Bailey appears to be a "Christianized", psycho-spiritual hodge podge of
pseudo-theosophy that reverses the original Theosophy (that teaches, we are
each "individual" rays of the one SELF within us that is all powerful, in
itself.)  Bailey's misnomered "White Magic" gives such powers to the
"teachers," or "Descended Masters" (and through them, to their One God in
their imaginary "Heaven") who are to be "invoked" as our "Saviors"?

Here are some interesting sites commenting on Bailey's 'WHITE MAGIC" and how
it compares with HPB's teachings:
<A HREF="";></A>
<A HREF="";

Best wishes,


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