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Re: RE: Trans-Persnal Psychology -- its coverage ==

Jan 29, 1999 01:57 AM
by Andrew Rooke

Dallas : greetings from Melbourne where the sun is shining in
mid-summer! There is an excellent article comparing HPB's geological
time periods the modern understanding of such periods on the TS
(Pasadena) American Section website (not the HQ site). This is a
reproduction of an article originally published in the, Theosophic
Link. If you look under the collection of articles by subject you'll find it under
"Science". From memory, it seems to indicate that there are
significant differences between the two schemes in that HPB
(following the Hindu chronology) would place the age of the Earth at
approx. half the scientific estimate. This, of course affects the
correspoondence of the geological ages and the various stages of
Man's development viz a viz science and theosophy. For example, it may
well have been possible that physical man and the remanents of the
dinosaurs overlapped for a time. I feel something like this must have
happened considering the enduring image of such creatures in the
human consciousness expressed at various times as dragons and
latterly in hugely popular films.

Greetings to all on the list,

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