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Distractions vs. ignorance (avidya)

Jan 28, 1999 12:47 PM
by Richard Taylor

In a message dated 1/28/99 11:44:39 AM, Tony wrote:

<<A says: Because of Theosophy I am now able to have some understanding of
Norse Mythology. I have just read a Norse myth, and because I have done some
theosophical study, the myth wasn't just a tale, it had a deeper level of
meaning to it. It was an allegory.

B says:  Because of Norse mythology I am now able to have some understanding
of Theosophy.>>

This is a fine point Tony, and shows that people may have different methods.
The one I propose is "A."  What I seem to read on this list, however, is a lot
of something else.  It sounds to me (and I may well be mistaken) like this:
"HPB has already had the final word on (fill in the blank) subject.  Don't
even bother to read any Norse myths, because HPB goes farther."

As a beginning student, that would have been Theosophical death.  I well
remember the first time I read the S.D., and I was swimming in Odin this,
Daiviprakriti that, Osiris and Prometheus and Buddha and Vasubandhu and
Shankaracharya and Kiu-Te coming out my ears.  Without the background reading
I've done on the topics HPB has mentioned, I wouldn't even be able to
understand why her writings are important, or really even what they're saying.
So yes, I think your option A is a very good one.  Read HPB, then read the
material she is discussing, and then go back and read her again.

Have I written anything different in the last two months?  Honestly?


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