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Re: Helping Others

Jan 28, 1999 09:59 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>>I do not think that Theosophy is "not" active/masculine. It has
presented some basic principles and how actively or passively you
implement it depends on oneself.>>

Obviously, Doss, there are degrees to this kind of labeling. However, I
think that if you look at it honestly, that on any given day you will
find most Theosophists reading a book and most magicians doing a ritual
for one purpose or another.

>>If one recognizes that the purpose of theosophy is to help the
suffering Humanity, then how one can be passive when you see an
opportunity or create an opportunity to give even a very small helping
hand in improving the conditions of our fellow living beings?>>

This is also the basic purpose of virtually all religions and many many
other groups such as Lions, Moose, Scouts, etc. If helping others is the
sole or even the most important purpose of Theosophy, then I have to say
this is probably why it is not catching on with the public, who have
already devised other easier ways to help. There is no need to wade knee
deep into monads, life-atoms, and obsure Eastern terms just to help our

>>I think that the excessive emphasis on the "spiritual" growth towards
the hope of becoming an Adept in far distant future life and neglecting
the fundamental thrust of theosophy is what has made the movement what
it is today. Action is needed here and now and future will take care of

The emphasis on spiritual growth is so that we can help others
"properly" and in just proportion to their real needs.  I have talked
about this many times, apparently to little avail, but without spiritual
insight, most "help" is of little use and can even be detrimental to
karmic development.  BTW, this idea is not mine. It is part of the basic
teaching of the Bodhisattva Path, one that Theosophists claim to ascribe

>>Active implementation of theosophical principles is possible even by a
single person. Great achivements in human history were accomplished by

Agreed, but only if such implementation comes naturally as a result of
spiritual insight. It has been my observation that with spiritual
insight comes the natural desire to share that insight with others.

>>I, for one, am always trying to see what I can do to help the Humanity
and leave the "spiritual" growth to take care of itself (and do not look
forward for someone to tell me what to to do in this regard); after all
I do not consciously know of my spirituality as it belongs to non
physical realm.>>

I personally find such an attitude to be dangerous. But it does depend
on how you define "help."  If you look at Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs,
anyone can help physically and help others on the lowest levels of the
hirarchy. But to help the soul of another, you have to have spiritual
insight yourself.

For my own part, if helping others physically or finanically was all
that Theosophy was about, I would have quit long ago. But someday I hope
to be able to heal souls, and so I read and I study.

Jerry S.

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