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Re: A few questions on a touchy subject...

Jan 28, 1999 08:53 AM
by Chuck Cosimano

In a message dated 99-01-28 11:42:01 EST, you write:

<< As for me, I still have too many questions to come to any solid conclusions
 yet. I think you can guess that I am leaning towards them having some sort of
 soul, but still I am not sure of this.  Morally right? Wrong? Soul or None?
 find amidst all this I do have one firm belief.  So long as we treat them as
 we would any other creature on this planet, with compassion, we cannot go far


Ok, from the point of view of one who thinks cloning is going to be the best
thing since sliced bread, I think you have it right.

A cloned person is going to have a soul--period.  If it has life it is going
to be a part of the universal life wave and there is no reason to think it
won't have a soul, any more than we deny that persons born by artificial
insemination or invitro fertilization have souls.  And with a soul that person
is going to have the same problems and joys as every other human being.

Oh, there will be those theological and, sad to say, theosophical pecksniffers
who will be so ill-mannered as to say "You poor benighted soul-less creature,"
but they will ultimately be ignored and sent to the dust-bin of history along
with piles of papal encyclicals proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that the
earth really is flat in spite of it s continued contumaciousness in insisting
on being round.


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