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Response to Rich

Jan 28, 1999 06:15 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>>But we know that motive is the Great Determinor, and I think 99% of
all insults come from a low space in us, a desire to "get back" at some
one who has hurt us in some physical or psychological way.  But what it
would be really interesting to know is, where do you think the other 1%
of insults come from?
(What do you think, Jerry? >You're the professional here)>>

Actually Rich, I think only a small part comes from the desire for
revenge on someone (maybe this is wishful thinking on my part?). Most
insults, I think, come from psychological projection of our own fears
and prejudices onto others and this won't end until we do a lot of
introspection and soul-searching within ourselves.

But this whole thread does touch on an interesting idea--that of the
illusionary nature of the lower self contrasted with the reality of the
higher self.  The business of "To dismiss people as illusory parts seems
un-theosophical for me." is exactly the main difference between the
Theravadin and Mahayanist. We can only enter Nirvana ourselves if we
pretty much hold the view that others are illusory and really don't need
our help.

Jerry S.

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